10 Tips For Healthy Eating This Winter

With extreme winters making its way gradually, our health and wellbeing needs extra attention. From erratic eating, uneven sleeping patterns to changes in an active lifestyle, winters come with additional complications for people having existing problems like arthritis, skin conditions (dryness, eczema and psoriasis), hypertension and diabetes. An urge to consume calorie dense food and not exercising regularly due to extreme temperatures can add to various health complications like obesity, abnormal blood sugar, high blood pressure, pcos, pcod, elevated cholesterol levels and deranged lipid profile.Also Read – EXCLUSIVE: Four More Shots Fame Neil Bhoopalam Opens On His Diet And Fitness Routine, His Fitness Secrets Revealed | Watch Video

Hence, it’s important to eat right and at regular intervals to maintain good health, attain immunity, keep warm and avoid indigestion. Gradually with an advancing life, we have forgotten the importance of an inclusive and holistic meal. In our day to day life, we often make dietary mistakes that makes our bodies vulnerable to not accept the ideal nutrition. In such a case, amidst the changing weathers our bodies become more susceptible to fall prey to various seasonal infections. To mitigate the same, appended below are some tips that can help in knowing the right ways of consuming a meal and maintaining optimal nutrition in our meals amidst the winters. Also Read – 3 Easy Steps to Determine if You’re Really Craving For Sugar

Dr Kajal Pandya Yeptho, Chief Dietician, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi shares essential tips for healthy eating amidst winters: Also Read – How Can You Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer? All Your Concerns Related To Breast Cancer | Explained By Expert

  • Chew your food well for a better digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body
  • Eat small portions at regular intervals
  • Know your hunger right, don’t over or under eat
  • Eat seasonal and regional foods- Avoid eating vegetables and fruits which are not of the season
  • Add ghee (a little), leafy vegetables, lentils, pulses, fibers and protein in your meal (will help to feel fitter and fuller for longer time)
  • Consume turmeric milk (good source of calcium and immunity)
  • Add a handful of almonds and walnuts in your diet
  • Reduce the consumption of ultra-processed and processed foods
  • If not diabetic, adding jaggery to your diet and curbing the sweet tooth, can help manage digestion in winters
  • Exercise at home and maintain an active lifestyle (walking 30 minutes a day is beneficial)

A healthy diet makes a lot of difference in our overall well-being. With extreme temperatures, rising Covid cases, it’s important that we take care of our immunity and health. Hence, eating appropriately, sensibly and consuming a nutritious diet can help us feel more active and fitter amidst the winters.