17 Best Face Scrubs for Dry Skin

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Treating and caring for dry skin can be very tricky at times. It is often irritated and red due to lack of moisture, and it can also be sensitive to various ingredients.

Though it may seem that a scrub may be harsh to dry skin, the exact opposite is actually true. A good facial scrub will remove dead skin, unclog pores and help the skin retain more moisture. When pores get clogged, they will often block moisture from getting in and cause dry patches to form.

Through our extensive research, we found that a good quality scrub will be formulated with three types of ingredients: antioxidants, exfoliants and moisture-boosting components. These types of ingredients come together to hydrate the skin and remove blemishes. They also put up a line of defense against harsh environmental elements and aging. A good scrub isn’t rough but gentle and primes healthy and nourished skin.

We know how challenging it is to find the right product for your skin, so we rounded up some of the best face scrubs for dry skin that we could find on the market. Below we reviewed the gems we found that will improve the quality, look and feel of your facial skin.

1. Blu Atlas Face Exfoliating Scrub

We’ve searched high and low, all over the internet, and through many skincare companies for the best scrub for dry skin, and the best one we found is this Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub. It will gently exfoliate and remove all dry patches, dirt and debris while nourishing your skin with naturally derived ingredients such as hibiscus, jojoba oil and bamboo extract.

These ingredients offer an array of nourishing benefits that will help you feel moisturized, smooth and hydrated. The deep cleansing this exfoliator provides will make your skin glow with health and youth.

The hibiscus contains antioxidants which are the perfect line of defense against aging and skin damage. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins A, E and D as well as fatty acids which will replenish your skin’s moisture and remove any dryness. It provides ample nutrition and protection by acting similarly to your skin’s sebum.

Bamboo makes this scrub special because it is antimicrobial. If your skin is so dry that it’s actually irritated as a result, this will be just what is needed to help soothe that irritation. Clearly this Blu Atlas exfoliating scrub is great for removing dirt, hydration, and spot treating your skin of dry spots, all in one scrub.

2. Artistry Signature Select™ Polishing Mask

We love this Artistry Signature Select Polishing Mask because it is a scrub and a mask in one product. If your skin is just desperate for a moisture replenishing treatment, this polishing mask is the right product for you.

This scrub is different from any other product from the market because it uses black currant extract for its source of antioxidants. For the exfoliation, natural sugar canes will gently remove all dead skin and dirt while cleansing the pores. Like many polishes and masks, this too has jojoba oil that will replenish, revive and moisturize the skin.

The best way to use this polish is to first cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser and pat it dry, leaving it slightly moist. Then rub the polish into your skin in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. The sugar will dissolve with the rubbing motion. Leave it on for 7 minutes and then rinse off the mask. You will immediately see that your skin is now hydrated, smooth and clean. Follow up with a toner, and don’t forget to moisturize.

3. So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Scrub

One of the challenges with choosing a scrub for dry skin is in finding something that won’t dry out the skin even more. This So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Scrub provides the perfect balance of a deep cleanse and nourishment for the skin.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients — the pink salt, volcanic sand and witch hazel give the skin a deep clean and decrease the size of pores. There’s also lactic acid and hibiscus flowers which work together to gently remove dirt and oil from clogged pores. The pomegranate and raspberries are the present probiotics which smooth the skin and allow it to regain its natural color and glow.

This deep exfoliating scrub is tested and proven by dermatologists for safety and effectiveness. It is free of harmful ingredients that would damage the skin. It is also never tested on animals and doesn’t have any synthetic fragrances.

4. Olay Hydrating Face Scrub

Good quality skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, and this is proven over and over by Olay. For example, this hydrating face scrub was skillfully formulated to hydrate dry skin and buff away rough spots and impurities.

As you begin to apply this product on your face, the combination of caviar lime and vitamin C will make you feel as if you’ve been transported into an Australian rainforest. The caviar lime essence will gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin and open up your pores. The vitamin C will help nourish and brighten your complexion. This face scrub also has hydrated silica, which will protect you from over-exfoliating your skin by providing additional moisture. This ingredient is good to have for any facial scrub that is geared towards treating dry skin.

As we can see, although Olay is a very affordable brand, it manages to deliver many benefits with one product. Olay promises that, after 28 days of consistent use, your skin will be transformed to look supple, hydrated and youthfully radiant. This Olay Hydrating Face Scrub is one of the best face scrubs for dry skin.

5. BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator

Unlike the Olay face scrub we reviewed, this Volcanic Exfoliator by BioEffect is a more expensive, high-end face scrub. This scrub’s name is not without reason! One of the main ingredients used for exfoliating is microcrystalline lava paired with ground apricot seeds.

The lava is sourced from a volcano in Iceland named Hekla. It is proven that lava performs beautifully in deep cleaning the skin from dirt, makeup and oil. Paired with apricot seeds, it will refine, polish and nourish the skin.

What makes this scrub stand out from the rest of the exfoliators on the market is that it’s a gel-to-cream formulation that contains sunflower oil, glycerin and coconut oil. Though the exfoliating ingredients are made with effective and deep cleansing agents, this exfoliator is still gentle enough to use for those who have extremely dry skin. It is recommended to use this exfoliating scrub one to two times a week for effective results.

6. NourishMax Amber Honey Face Scrub

If your skin is both dry and sensitive, we have just the thing for you! This scrub from NourishMax is made with amber honey and has just enough exfoliating and nourishing properties to make your skin vibrant, smooth and nourished once more!

This face scrub will give you a spa-like experience with the amber granules gently scrubbing away the dirt and grime from your pores. These granules are gentle, even on sensitive skin. The composition of minerals in this scrub is actually very soothing and moisturizing.

This NourishMax Face Scrub is vegan, cruelty, gluten and sulfate free. It is dermatologist tested and is a flawless product to add to your skincare routine.

7. Athar’a Pure Indian Glow Face Scrub

If you are in search of an exotic face scrub to add to your skincare regimen, check out this Indian Glow Face Scrub for Athar’a Pure. The scrub is very unique from anything else we have seen because of the contents of its ingredients.

It is a beautiful gold color because it contains turmeric and sandalwood, and aside from giving off a beautiful color, they also provide a vast array of benefits. Just these two ingredients on their own fight against potential bacteria on the skin, which is a great preventative measure against acne. They also reduce inflammation and redness with the help of  organic oat flour and brown rice powder. Neem is also an excellent ingredient that treats and heals eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

This face scrub will gently clean your skin, nourish it with nutrients and give it a healthy glow. It is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. We believe that this face scrub is one of the best scrubs for dry skin.

8. Yes to Coconut Energizing Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick

This product from Yes to Coconut is a perfect 2-in-1 product that is both a scrub and a cleanser in stick format. Because of its coffee content, it is the perfect pick-me-up in the mornings but is also safe and easy to use throughout the day.

Coffee grounds have long been used as a natural skin exfoliator, so it’s no surprise to find them in this product. The granules help blood flow to the surface of the skin, thus encouraging a healthful glow of the skin. It is also a great soothing agent of inflammation. The coconut extract is the perfect moisturizer for dry skin as it nourishes and relieves the skin of its dry texture.

To use this scrub, apply it in gentle rubbing motions just like a deodorant stick. Next, massage it into your skin with your hands, allowing the lather to form. Rinse, tone and moisturize, and there you have it — simple ingredients, effective results and easy application, which is why it ranks among the best!

9. Raw Shea Butter Facial Wash & Scrub

Raw Shea Butter has always been effective at treating dry skin, so we’re not surprised to come across this Raw Shea Butter Facial Wash & Scrub by Shea Moisture. This facial scrub is specifically targeted for dry skin because shea butter is very moisturizing and nourishing. Shea butter is packed with vitamins and fatty acids that dry skin craves.

To amp the benefits of this scrub, Shea Moisture also added jojoba beads and argan oil which also adds the hydration and youthfulness of the skin. They accomplish all of this while exfoliating the skin of impurities and dry spots. Frankincense and Myrrh are also present in this scrub, and they have been used in skincare as anti-inflammatory agents since ancient times.

Because of how moisturizing this facial scrub is, it is also safe enough to use as a body wash as well. We love and recommend products like this because they stretch the use of your dollar.

10. Miss Bud’s 50mg CBD Facial Scrub with Sugar Crystals

Ever since cannabis has been legalized in many states across the United States, CDB products have been picking up popularity in almost every category in the health, wellness and beauty markets. If you are also a fan of CBD, then this facial scrub could be perfect for you.

This scrub will gently exfoliate the skin with sugar crystals to remove dirt, oil and dry patches of dead skin. It will then hydrate and enrich your skin with vitamins A, D and E, leaving your complexion smooth, bright and healthy once again. Cannabis has a calming effect on the skin and, if it is irritated, itchy or red, it will soothe those areas.

11. Dove Men Facial Cleanser Exfoliating Face Wash

For the men who are having to deal with dry skin, this exfoliating face wash provides a deep clean of the pores, buffs away dead and dry skin and maintains the skin’s moisture. The pumice in this face scrub is a gentle exfoliator that is also effective for preparing the skin for a close shave. This is an excellent product for those with dry skin because the moisture of the skin is restored during exfoliation.

This facial scrub is free parabens and aluminum which tend to strip the skin of its natural oils as well as damage it. It has also been tested by dermatologists for safety and effectiveness to clean and hydrate the skin. Overall, this facial scrub is one of the best for dry skin and will greatly benefit those who try it.

12. RANAVAT Smoothing Facial Polish – Imperial Glow

This facial polish from Ranavat is as luxurious for dry skin as Prada is for shiny red bags. Your skin will bask in the milky polish that is formulated with finely milled rice powder and almond oil.

Along with these ingredients, this facial polish also carries a variety of other components that make this facial scrub stand out from the rest.

A good facial scrub always has antioxidants present, and in this facial polish, RANAVAT uses ashwagandha, a winter cherry derived from the western parts of Africa which is extremely effective in preventing aging, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Triphala is a mixture of three herbs; amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki. These three work together to reduce inflammation, protect the skin cells and maintain the moisture of the skin.

Sesame seeds in this scrub help with repairing and soothing skin that is sensitive, irritated or blemished. It is very soothing and will help those troubled spots effectively. The fourth amazing ingredient in this scrub is lotus flower which helps balance the skin, maintain unclogged pores and prevent acne and breakouts.

This facial scrub is an amazing combination of a deep cleanse and nourishment for dry skin. It will take care of all of those dry spots and renew the skin for a vibrant, healthy glow.

13. Drunk Elephant JuJu Exfoliating Bar

Another unique product that made it to our list of the best face scrubs for dry skin is this Drunk Elephant JuJu Exfoliant Bar. This bar targets dark spots, dullness, dry skin and uneven texture. This exfoliating bar provides a detox, a deep-cleansing scrub and a nourishing treatment all in one.

The main ingredients that make this scrub amazing is heilmoor clay, virgin marula oil and bamboo powder. The combination of these products is fantastic at removing excess dirt, sweat, oil and flaky spots. Beneath all that, it will reveal a skin complexion that is beautifully hydrant, healthy and smooth.

As with most products we review, this facial scrub is cruelty-free, vegan and devoid of harmful ingredients that cause skin or the planet damage. It also doesn’t have a fragrance or essential oils that can sometimes irritate the skin.

14. GlamGlow BrightMud Dual-Exfoliation Treatment Mask

For those who enjoy a good pampering product for their skin, GlamGlow offers a dual product that is both an exfoliator and a treatment mask.

The exfoliating agents in this scrub are lactic and salicylic acids. They provide a chemical exfoliation that is firm yet gentle. It helps with stimulating blood flow to the face and reviving the skin to be cleansed, smooth and vibrant. There’s also a pumice in this scrub which will smooth out rough skin that tends to form as a result of dryness.

Typically dry skin also requires more nutrients that it doesn’t produce on its own, and the niacinamide and vitamin C in this scrub aid in that nourishment. With the help of all these ingredients, your skin will be renewed, moisturized and nourished. It has that youthful glow that GlamGlow promises, and you will see great improvement after just one use.

As we stated earlier, GlamGlow offers a full on pampering treatment with this Dual-Exfoliation treatment mask. This isn’t something you would use if you’re in a rush. To use this mask, cleanse your face, pat it dry and apply the mask in an even layer. Massage the product in circular motions until it is activated. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse, tone and moisturize. GlamGlow recommends wearing sunscreen for a week after using this product as your skin will be sensitive to the sun.

15. Shiseido WASO: Soft & Cushy Polishing Exfoliator

Shiseido has been a cult favorite for many decades because of their expertly formulated products that never fail to make the skin feel like silk. This polishing exfoliator feels luxurious and unique because of its ingredients.

The main active ingredient in the spotlight of this exfoliating scrub is soy extract. Now, for those who are allergic to soy, this product will not work. However, soy extract has long been used in skincare, even in ancient times, to deep clean the skin and unclog pores. Dry skin is typically so dry that it squeezes the pores into a smaller size, and, therefore, no natural oils are formed to hydrate the skin. Shiseido’s soy-based WASO: Soft & Cushy Polishing Exfoliator keeps those pores a normal, healthy size.

This scrub also uses ingredients like tofu and soybeans to help improve the overall complexion of the skin, removing impurities and adding ample moisture and hydration. Your dry skin will love this product and so will you.

16. La Mer The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator

For an intense session of hydration and pampering, La Mer formulated this Replenishing Oil Exfoliator. This scrub is the miracle answer to dry, irritated and dulled skin.

La Mer isn’t like the other exfoliators out there because of their signature miracle broth that helps the skin with replenishing moisture, regeneration, soothing, smoothing and radiance. This broth alone is effective at renewing dried out and weary skin.

The exfoliation in this scrub is brought by sea salt and sugar crystals. They are gentle and refreshing. They will detoxify the skin and bring back the missing moisture.

Along with the sea salt, there are also sea kelp fibers in this product, which are the agents tasked with sweeping away all of the dirt. They also revive the skin, balance it and enrich it with vital vitamins and nutrients for a healthy glow.

Though La Mer is quite a bit more expensive than the other products we’ve reviewed, we believe this facial scrub carries many benefits for every skin type but is especially good for dry skin.

17.  Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

As we wrap up our list of face scrubs for dry skin, we would like to discuss our thoughts on this exfoliating cleanser from Murad. As we’ve seen in previous scrubs, this one is also formulated with salicylic, lactic, and glycolic acid (AHA/BHA). This combination of acids aid in a gentle, chemical exfoliation that not only deep cleans and softens the skin but also helps skin cell turnover. This gives your skin a boost to regenerate and produce that essential moisture.

The exfoliation is also aided by jojoba beads that remove dead cells and hydrate the skin. Jojoba is highly beneficial and moisturizing to the skin because it renews and encourages the replenishment of natural oils present in the skin. There is also sodium PCA in this scrub that stays on the skin even after the rinse to produce moisture and help the skin hold on to it.

This exfoliating cleanser is amazing because it brightens the skin, removes all the dullness, improves texture and treats the dryness. It is free of all harmful ingredients and is never tested on animals. We are impressed with this scrub and recommend it to anyone who is dealing with dry skin.

General Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

Skincare isn’t always easy to navigate, especially with dry skin that won’t always respond to the products you use. We would like to recommend some tips to help you improve your skincare journey. As always, we recommend consulting your local dermatologist for recommendations that would be specific to your skin.

Wash Your Skin

This is a simple tip but can be hard to follow through on, especially if you just want to crash in bed after a long day. Washing your skin helps remove dead skin, encourage skin cell turnover, and replenish moisture. Be sure to wash your skin twice a day.

Regulate Shower Temperature

Hot showers are good for the soul but harmful to the skin because it can cause dry cracks, redness and irritation. Be sure to use warm water and limit the time spent showering, as prolonged showers can cause dryness of the skin as well.

Use a Moisturizer

This may seem like common-sense advice, but it is easy to forget to moisturize if you are in a rush. Moisturizers that contain nourishing ingredients like shea butter or argan oil are good for dry skin. If your skin is sensitive, we recommend using a hypoallergenic, non-fragrant moisturizer.

Use a Hydrating Mist

If you are out and about for long periods of time, chances are that you end up feeling the dryness of your skin and that it tends to be uncomfortable. With the fast pace of our society, washing and moisturizing the skin and then reapplying makeup isn’t an option in the middle of the day. This is why a hydrating mist is great to have because it will relieve that dry, irritated and itchy skin. Most of these mists also help protect the skin from air pollutants and other harmful elements. Many brands have one to offer, but we especially like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.


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