3 Anti-Aging Concealer Hacks Every Woman Over 40 Needs To Know

Concealer is an extremely diverse makeup product. Of course, it’s typically used to do just what the name suggests: conceal dark circles and blemishes. However, this go-to beauty staple can also be used for a myriad of other purposes—including techniques that will take years off of your face.

To discover the best anti-aging concealer tricks, we spoke to makeup artists Nydia Figueroa and Shola Akintobi, owner of the Best Face Forward Makeup Studio. These beauty experts shared their top tips for looking younger than ever using just concealer.

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Create an eyelift by blending up

While concealer is most often used to cover up blemishes and under-eye circles, it can also be a great tool to create the illusion of an instant eyelift. Figueroa says one of the best ways to do this is to blend concealer from the outer corners of your eyes to your temples.

Figueroa explains that once you’ve already applied concealer under your eyes and to any blemishes you’d like to cover, you can try out this anti-aging hack with the leftover product on your brush. “Take some of the concealer left on your brush and swipe it from the outer corner of your eyes,” she says.

She says this hack will take years off your face—no surgery required! “This makes you look younger by creating a light and lifted effect to the eyes area,” she explains. “I love to call this an instant eye lift technique without the surgery.” Sounds incredible!


Outline your lips with concealer

The wrong lipstick can instantly age you by drying out your lips, running, and emphasizing all the fine lines you’d rather keep hidden. Luckily, Figueroa offers one helpful concealer hack than can keep these issues at bay. She suggests outlining your lips with concealer.

“If you’re doing a super strong lip and you want to make the line as crisp as possible, dip a clean lip brush in concealer that matches your skin tone, and outline your lips,” she instructs. Not only will these keep your bold lip looking cleaner than ever, but it will also keep the color from running and drawing attention to any signs of aging. Genius!


Find the proper shade

The shade of concealer you use can make your break your whole makeup routine. While using a shade that’s slightly lighter than your natural skin tone is often recommended for creating a brightening mistake, using a color that’s way too light for your skin can be detrimental—and it can age you instantly.

“One of the biggest mistakes made with concealer is using a shade that is more than two shades lighter than your skin tone,” Akintobi warns. “This only highlights fine lines and dark circles rather than concealing them.” Yikes!

Luckily, Akintobi has a hack up her sleeve that will help you find the perfect shade: go slightly lighter than your jaw line. “Use a creamy blendable concealer that is just one shade lighter than your jaw line,” she says. It’s so easy and so beneficial.

So, there’s your proof that concealer can do way more than just cover up those zits! Who knew? If you want to look younger than ever, these makeup artist-approved concealer hacks should be added to your beauty routine immediately.

3 Anti-Aging Concealer Hacks Every Woman Over 40 Needs To Know