4 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks Every Woman Over 40 Should Know

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When applying makeup, it’s only natural to want your products to improve your appearance and boost your confidence, rather than accentuate fine lines and other signs of aging. While technique is one factor which can impact how well your makeup hides your age, there are other tricks which can be integrated into your beauty routine to enhance your appearance while turning back the hands of time. We checked in with celeb MUA and founder of GLAMAZON Beauty, Kim Baker for her top tips on using makeup to your advantage for anti-aging, and with just four simple steps you can easily achieve a smooth and youthful complexion.

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Focus On Skincare

Setting the stage for your makeup is essential, and with that comes a well rounded skincare routine that is both mild and effective. “The first thing we should do is have a great skincare regimen such as a gentle cleaner and a great moisturizer,” suggests Baker. “The skin is the first part of having a great looking makeup application.”

Washing your face for a clean canvas before applying your makeup will limit chances of irritation on the skin, and proper hydration will reduce the risk of your face makeup sinking into fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches. 

Primer Is Key

While moisturizing adequately will help to prep your skin, primer is also still important for making sure your face makeup stays all day without appearing cakey or dry. Primer can also function as a secondary layer of moisture, and the more hydrated your skin, the younger you will look naturally.  “From there we want a great primer that hydrates such as Glamazon Beauty’s “Mystical Veil” face primer,” suggests Baker. 

Primer is also vital to use on the eyelids if you plan to use eyeshadow so the pigment doesn’t fade into the lines around your eyes while staying bright and even. Technique is still important here for achieving a youthful and lifted look. 




Creamy Products Are Your Friend

As you age your skin may be more prone to dryness, so opting for creamier products will help to smooth over imperfections without going on too thick. “Follow up with a liquid or cream foundation such as Nars Radiant Liquid and Glamazon Beauty’s Second Skin Foundation Stick which revitalizes the look of dull skin,” says Baker. Powder foundation may be easy to travel with and create less risk of mess, but a hydrating foundation in liquid form will glide more easily across the surface of the skin, allowing for a radiant glow to shine through. 

Skip Matte

Setting your skin is still important after applying your full face of makeup, but if you often turn to mattifying powders, Baker warns that this could enhance the appearance of your age. “When skin is maturing you may want to avoid mattifying products unless you have extremely oily skin and avoid heavy powders,” she says. “Use semi-translucent blurring powders and use them very sparsely to dim the look of excessive oiliness.” Powder is still a great asset for anti-aging, but using it only in the areas where you may be shiny or have placed concealing products will limit the aging look it can cause.

Extra Tip: Stay Hydrated

Not quite related to makeup, but keeping your body hydrated will reflect greatly on your skin, brightening the complexion and creating a natural glow that can help with anti-aging from the inside out. “My top makeup anti-aging advice actually has nothing to do with makeup! Makeup is secondary, my first tip would be water and I can’t say this enough, but I think as a woman who looks over 10 years younger than my age I got it right,” Baker says. “Water is key as well for great hair, skin, and nails, and don’t forget some green leafy veggies with lunch and dinner.” 



4 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks Every Woman Over 40 Should Know

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