4 Hair Mistakes That Are Aging You, According To Stylists

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From face-flattering haircuts to trendy styles to timeless coloring, there are many ways that you could look younger with the power of a good shape-up at the salon. On the contrary, there are several common mistakes many women may make with their tresses that hairstylists point out might age them. To learn more, we checked in with hair experts and professional hairstylists Ghanima Abdullah, cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles and Lauren Udoh, Hair Creative Director of WigReports. Read on for tips from hair aficionados that can help avoid adding years to your face.

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1. Dying a Color That Is *Too Dark* or *Too Light* in Thinning Hair

As we age, it is common for many of us to experience hair loss or thinner strands, and one way this is often emphasized is by having a super-dark hair color and not enough hair for it to look full. “If your hair is thinning, you don’t really want to dye your hair black or dark brown,” Abdullah says. “Dark colors can emphasize any scalp that’s showing. Instead, try light brown with blond highlights,” she continues. “This beautiful mix puts more attention on the lovely color of your hair, and when styled correctly,” Abdullah notes, it can remove emphasis on your scalp. Udoh adds that going too dark “can make the hair look thinner and lifeless,” while going too light can “make the scalp more visible.” It’s important to find a color that compliments your skin tone, she says, and gives the hair a healthy-looking shine.




2. Over-styling / Ironing Out The Body 

Many women with thinning hair often make the mistake of over-styling their hair to give it more volume and body, Udoh explains. “This can actually make the hair look stringy and lifeless, and can accentuate any wrinkles or lines in the face,” she says. If you like your locks to be straight, Abdullah suggests to start at mid-length with your flat iron instead. “When you iron the roots, your hair might look too flat and therefore older,” she says. Starting at mid-length and moving to the tips, however, will help you keep some volume. “Also, flat iron your hair going up, away from the scalp, instead of down,” Abdullah advises, “this also adds body.”




3. Using Heavy Styling Products on Thin Hair

Heavy gels and mousse can weigh down the hair and make it look greasy, Udoh says, while using too much heat can damage the hair and make it look brittle. “It’s important to find lightweight products that will help add volume and body to the hair without weighing it down,” she stresses. If you’ve noticed a change in texture in your hair with age, Abdullah provides some insight. “Loss of estrogen can cause your hair to become more fine, and that means more prone to frizz,” she says. “Even if you never had to before, try a leave-in conditioner. As long as it’s lightweight, it will coat your strands so that you can avoid frizz, but your hair won’t be weighed down,” she continues. Abdullah says that a few drops of jojoba oil after blow drying can do the same trick.




4. Having Hair That Is Either Very Long or Very Short

With thinning, aging hair, experts note that finding a balance with length is key. While catering to your face shape, the ideal haircut won’t show too much scalp or add flat, dull weight. “If your hair is thinning, try to keep the length between shoulder and ear length, it will look fuller and more youthful this way,” Abdullah adds, saying that if your hair is too long, “it looks even more thin, which can age you considerably.” Udoh agrees in that the wrong haircut can make all the difference when it comes to thinning hair. “Chopping off too much can make the hair look even thinner, while a too short style can make the scalp more visible,” she says. It’s important to find a style that flatters your face shape, Udoh concludes, and especially one that enhances the appearance of your hair.



4 Hair Mistakes That Are Aging You, According To Stylists

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