6 Face-Lifting Makeup Tips That Every Woman Should Be Trying To Instantly Look Younger

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Makeup can be your best friend when it comes to anti-aging looks, and with the right techniques and products, you have the power to enhance your natural beauty. Surgical face lifts are undoubtedly expensive and not for everyone, so recreating the effects of these treatments all with makeup is a much safer and easier option. We checked in with professional makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder and Alyssia Chang, founder of Prevail Beauty, who both provided 6 helpful makeup tips to keep in mind to promote a radiant, youthful-esque, glowing look.

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1. Contour Your Jawline, Cheeks and Lips

The three main areas to target your contouring for a face-lift effect are the jawline, cheeks and lips, Winkenwerder says. Her first step is to apply a dark line (2-4 shades deeper than your natural skin tone) immediately under the natural shape of your jawline. “Blend well into the skin and apply a lighter line (2-3 shades lighter) just above the jawline on the face,” she says, again stressing to blend fully. 


Up next is the cheek area, which you should apply “a deep tone line (2-4 shades deeper than your natural skin tone), and lighter tone line above the deeper tone line on the lower cheek.” She also says that right above the lighter line on the cheek, to draw another line (lighter in tone) completely lining the shape of the cheek apple. 


For your lip area, Winkenwerder says to apply a lip primer or a very light concealer all over the lips and over the natural lip line. “Blend the color well into the area around the natural lip line and apply your lip liner and complete your lip statement,” she continues, adding to apply “foundation and color makeup as normal.”


2. Don’t Forget Your Neck Area

While contouring your face can certainly help create a more youthful look, taking some time to apply makeup to your neck can help your other efforts, Chang says. “One of my favorite tips to create an instant face lift is by using a bronzer brush, applying it to a contouring powder or a deeper shadow like bronzer, and brushing upwards from the “Adam’s apple” area and flickering it off the bottom part of the chin,” adds Chang. This, she says, creates an “instant tuck” and helps lift the face by making that area look tighter.






3. Use Highlighter (And Not Just On Cheekbones)

While highlighter feels like one of the finishing touches on our cheekbones, Chang says that it can also be used in other areas to help lift sagging skin and draw the eye upwards. “When applying highlighter onto the face, instead of just placing it on the upper cheek bones for a cheek lift, also apply it using the ring finger to the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow above the lips,” she says. This, Chang notes, “will create an instant face, nose and lip lift.”


After contouring, Chang suggests using a lighter, natural finished, liquid highlight to lift the face. This can be a lighter concealer too. “After foundation, apply a small amount of this product starting from the temples of the face and wrap it around the eye area,” she says. “Blend out with a damp beauty blender, then bake (let the powder sit on top of the lighter liquid area) with a loose setting powder for a couple mins. Dust off with a powder brush and voila, the perfectly lifted sides of the face.”


4. Apply Blush In A Fanning-Out Motion

“Where you place your blush can really affect how your skin looks,” Chang explains, providing a technique that she deems “super easy” and one that creates an instant face lift look. “Start by applying your blush from the hairline, underneath your temples,” Chang says. “Then, fan out your blush brush from the hairline to the apples of the cheeks using a flickering movement. This method looks airbrushed and is super easy to do.”






5. Lift Your Eyebrows With White Pencils 

Applying white pencil contour above and below the brow lines can dramatically lift sagging eyebrow areas, Winkenwerder says. “Take the sharpened white pencil and gently draw small zig zag designs above the natural eyebrow line. Blend very well with a dense and soft bristle eye makeup brush in a circular motion.” She adds to repeat the zig zag line design below the natural brow line and blend. “Apply your daily makeup statement. This contour gives the appearance of a larger eye area, while amplifying your brows.” 


6. Use Setting Spray To Help Conceal Wrinkling

At the end of your makeup look and even throughout the day, lightly adding setting spray can help lock your hard work into place, and Chang says it especially helps when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines. “After applying your face makeup, take a damp beauty blender and gently mist 1-2 sprays of setting spray. Tap it under the eye area, the sides of the eyes, forehead, and laugh line areas,” she says. “This method will prevent any areas with lines or texture from moving or having the makeup shift into those creases.”



6 Face-Lifting Makeup Tips That Every Woman Should Be Trying To Instantly Look Younger

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