7 Skin Care Resolutions To Make in 2022

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Skincare Tips For 2022: Now that 2022 has eventually come to a near, it’s time to welcome the new year and the options it has in store. If you see yourself discovering there’s a lot you’d like to modify in 2022 then you’re not alone. Before you start creating resolutions left and right, however, take a moment to recall the past year and think practically about the year ahead.Also Read – 5 DIY Homemade Packs For Flawless And Glowing Skin in Winter Season

  1. Revaluate Your Skincare Routine: The right skincare habit suited to the skin type is very crucial. Cleansing is a general skincare routine. Mild cleanser should be avoided on the face and a face wash as per the skin type should be used. If heavy makeup is applied, that should first be cleared with a deep pore cleanser with cotton and then face wash. Toning is good for loose pores. A gel toner is favored over a lotion. It should be executed at night after the cleansing. Moisturiser is to be the last thing used to the skin at night. The type of moisturizer relies on the skin type, but it should include rich nourishing ingredients.
  2. Use a Face Serum Regularly: If you want to have glowing, healthy-looking skin then a face serum is a no-brainer. These effective, targeted remedies can go a long way in hydrating and toning the face. Using a face serum every single morning and evening should be one of the skincare resolutions for 2022. Every morning and evening, after you use the facial cleanser but before the moisturize apply the serum. Apply a few drops onto damp, clean skin and use a facial massaging method to apply the product over the whole of the face—after just a few uses, you’ll see more hydrated and visibly plumped skin.
  3. Sun Protection: No matter whatever climate it is you should always take the time to apply sunscreen and that too of a right SPF of at least 20 should be applied on the skin daily. It is a must for all generations. Further, other sun safety steps you should take daily include seeking shadow, and covering up sensitive areas in long sleeves, pants, a hat, and sunglasses.
  4. Begin an Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine: It’s never too early or too late to start heading with an anti-aging skincare practice. The proper skin care products can help minimize symptoms of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, with continued use over time. The first anti-aging measure that should take is using an eye cream because the eye area is the most fragile area of the face, so it requires extra care.
  5. Don’t Ignore The Neck And Chest: You want your face to look bright and nourishing, but that desire shouldn’t stop with the face. One of the skincare resolutions for 2022 is to take adequate care of the neck and other areas. Use Multitasking products for Face/Neck/Chest/Hands to make it easy to protect all the bases.
  6. Don’t Miss Your Lips: Using a lip moisturizer would be a perfect choice. During the winter season, our lips get dry, because of which we sometimes create the pattern of licking our lips. This can lead to dermatitis around the lips . To avoid this, even use a basic moisturizer for the lips.
  7. Exfoliate: The key to bright skin! Exfoliate the skin once or twice a week to support control of blocked pores and improve those topical skincare elements. It can also help improve collagen production and leave the skin looking more glowing and feeling fresh.

(With inputs by Arthi Raguram, Founder of Deyga) Also Read – Sara Ali Khan Swears by These 4 Winter Skincare Routine For a Soft And Happy Skin

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