7 Unbeatable Fitness Tips From TV Actor Abhay S Attri

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MUMBAI: Television is one such industry where fitness is the synonym for fabulous. Besides their work and relationships, celebrities also steal the limelight with their attractive physical appearance and strict workout sessions. 

Do you also want to look fit like celebrities? If yes, we have got you a treat today, i.e., fitness and diet tips from one of the fittest actors in the Indian Television industry. He’s none other than the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor Abheyy S Attri. 

In a chit chat session with TellyChakkar,Attri shared some fantastic tips to stay healthy and fit. Interestingly, his tips are so apt that one could follow them even while following a tight working schedule. 

Abheyy believes that losing weight or making muscles is not essential, but overall fitness matters. “My job requires me to be on camera all the time, so looking good is not a choice but a prerequisite hence fitness is very important to me,” he said.

On being asked why fitness is vital for him, Attri said that fitness gives me the energy and motivation to work sincerely day and night.

Also, Attri thinks that if you want to work out, there’s nothing that can stop you. All you need is to act smart and use your time effectively. Sharing some glimpse from his routine, he said, “when I was doing “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”, I had to reach on set by 8 am, so I used to wake up at 5 am and work out at home only. While working out at home, my exercise schedule includes skipping, push-ups, burpees for 45 minutes, then leaving for work, and going to the gym after the shoot. 

Attri’s day includes two workout sessions during the day. First, a light warm-up session in the morning followed by weight training in the evening. 

He feels fitness is a way of life as far as the workout is concerned. Scroll up to unveil the fitness and diet tips for Attri.

1.Workout everyday

No matter where you are, do not compromise with the workout hours. If you’re not even able to do a good workout session, try jumping or doing some activity wherever you’re and make sure that you’re doing it for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. “When I have a tight schedule during shoots all day, I steal minutes from the day to work out. On busy days, I work out in my vanity van during the short breaks. I cannot do a regressive workout during the short breaks, but I do activities like shadow skipping etc., in the vanity,” shared Attri. 

2.Drink 3-litres of water every day

Here is another power tip from Attri. He believes one should drink at least 3-litres of water every day. “I drink three bottles of 1 litre each; I carry them along all day to ensure that I am well hydrated throughout,” he said. If you want to stay healthy, it is crucial to keep hydrated.

3.    Take care of your mental health.

Mental peace has become more critical than ever during the lockdown. However, ensuring good mental health is not as easy as it sounds. It takes daily effort. To take care of your mental health, make sure that you do one activity that makes you happy from within every day. Be it walking, dancing, singing or whatever, keep yourself engaged in things that make you happy. 

When it comes to maintaining mental health, walking and singing are Attri’s personal favourites. “If you’re not aiming for weight loss or muscle gain, walking can be a perfect activity for you. It doesn’t require any extra effort, walk and observe everyone around; it doesn’t only soothe your soul but also helps your body stay fit.”

4.Diet is important

Taking a proper diet is yet another requirement for a healthy life. He believes if you’re not following a diet plan and just working out, eating unhealthily, your workout is pure waste. Working out alone never works; diet is equally important. For people looking to lose weight, you cannot do it alone by working out; it must be well-supported by a strict diet. 

5.Eat Healthy & Home-cooked food.

When Attri says that diet is essential, he clarifies that diet doesn’t mean eating anything but healthy. A healthy diet includes eating 20-22 grams of fiber every day. As a source of fiber, Abheyy uses wheat bran.

6.Intermittent Fasting

Fasting worked well for me. When we eat in unhealthy patterns, it results in adverse effects. Fasting once or twice is essential to cleanse the body, said Attri. Intermittent fasting has become popular in the last few years, but fasting has always been a part of Indian culture if we look back at history. “It is believed to be a way of achieving a yogi life.”

When you are doing intermittent fasting, it will reduce your weight and lead to the purification of your body. Irritant fasting will detox the body, due to which your immunity will also be strong, and all the parts of your body will work better. This is why intermittent fasting is considered very effective for weight loss.
Revealing his intermittent fasting routine, he said he goes to intermittent fasting every month. Once a month, I go on intermittent fasting for 20 hours, and after those 4 hours, I eat healthily. 

7.Eat home-cooked food

Last but not least, Abhay believes in eating home-cooked food. “No matter how healthy you eat outside, the amount of salt and oil is always too much,” he said. 

So, these were the top fitness tips by Abheyy Attri! Follow them right to have a fit body like him!


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