Abhishek Jain shares 10 tips for weight-loss

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An inspiring twitter post about weight loss and work out from a youngster who has shed almost 44 kilos, in just a year, has impressed the netizens and fitness enthusiasts alike. Abhishek Jain’s viral post narrates how he has managed to trim down to 70 kilos from 114 kilos. Besides, he has also posted his old pictures along with his latest ones to show his incredible physical transformation. Abhishek says that it was really difficult shedding so much weigh in just one year. He even tweeted some weight loss tips that he had followed during his weight loss journey.

Protein rich diet
Fitness cannot be attained without following a protein rich and nutritious diet. The food should be able to nourish your body and supply it with energy.

Watch calories
It is important to understand that not all types of calories are similar. For instance, the 250 calories that you get from a bowl of salad is 2500 times better than the same amount of calories from a few gulab jamuns. Besides the amount of the calories, the nutritional quality of the food too is important.

Realistic goals
It is possible for anyone to attain six pack abs. However, it wouldn’t be a realistic goal for an obese person to aim for six pack in 30 days. One should set realistic weight loss goals and the ways to achieve it too.

Hard work and perseverance
It would be unwise trying to shed the 20 kilos that you had put on in ten years in just 20 weeks. Patience and hard work are the keys to fitness and wellbeing. You should be determined to work out even on days when you are not in the mood.

Protein intake
The regular Indian diet severely lacks protein. 1.6 gms protein is required for a kilo of body weight. Make sure to include protein rich food in your meals.

Lift weights
Lifting weights is an incredible workout to shed weight. However, those who are recovering from injuries should avoid lifting weights.

Fitness coach
Hiring the services of an experienced fitness coach could make your weight loss journey easy and stress free.

Cardio exercises
Cardio exercises can not only burn calories but improve the health of heart and lungs too. Walking, jogging, swimming and playing sports could increase the heart beats and ensure heart’s health.

Rest is must
It is vital to rest the muscles after disrupting them during an intense work out session at the gym. Make sure to catch at least 7 – 8 hours of deep sleep at night to refresh your body.

Inspire yourself
Abhishek says that he would look at his old pictures for inspiration whenever he feels demotivated or tired. He would tell himself that if his old self can do it, then he too can do it. This would motivate him to get back to his work out and diet.

Abhishek shares his fitness secrets via his twitter handle @OneAbhishekJain that has garnered hundreds of followers.



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