Best energy gels – Quick hits of carbohydrates for all your athletic endeavours

Bonking, hitting the wall, blowing up, running out of gas, the wheels falling off. Whatever you call it, it’s an unpleasant feeling that most athletes have experienced. It’s technical term is exercise-induced hypoglycaemia, and it’s caused by your body’s glycogen stores becoming depleted. Luckily it’s easily preventable with the help of the best energy gels.

Like bars, chews, and powdered drinks, the best energy gels are designed with one primary goal in mind, and that is to provide you with easy-to-process carbohydrates. This is usually in the form of glucose, sometimes with added fructose, which your body converts to glycogen. This glycogen is then processed by the cells in your muscles to create energy, which in turn is used to turn the pedals, take the next stride, swim the next stroke… pick your poison.