Best Pre-Workouts for Beginners: Compare Top 5 Supplement Brands

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Most people are much more aware of their health and fitness these days, than they ever have been in the past. That means they are paying more attention to what they eat, and they’re doing whatever they can in the way of diet and exercise to create a favorable state of wellness which will lead to a good quality of life.

Almost everyone who isn’t disabled is capable of doing regular exercise, and those who are in a reasonable state of fitness can have daily workout routines either at home or in the gym. Many people who opt to handle workouts in a gym will also take pre-workout supplements to give them an energy boost prior to the session. This is generally necessary because most people are obliged to put in an 8-hour work day before being free to do their workout afterward.

The problem with this is that by the time you get to your workout, you’re generally exhausted from the day’s exertions, and can’t find the energy to engage yourself for another hour in a strenuous workout. That’s where pre-workout supplements come in. Many of the best pre-workout supplements will give you the energy boost you need to get through a vigorous workout routine, and to achieve your health goals.

Pre-workouts can provide all the motivation you need, and all the energy required to maximize your performance in the gym, or whatever your routine is at home. There are a number of really good pre-workouts on the market now, and these can be purchased either through online stores or brick and mortar stores right in your own community.

Many people take pre-workout supplements so as to minimize the stress of the workday, and to maximize the stamina and endurance that will be needed for a solid workout afterward. This is one of the big reasons why pre-workouts are in greater demand today than ever before. Knowing this, manufacturers of pre-workouts offer different formulations.

Some supplements are designed specifically to promote more rapid muscle growth, some deliver a burst of energy, and some are designed to minimize fatigue after a workout and help you recover more quickly. There are also some supplements which are focused on helping you to burn unwanted fat more quickly, and this in turn leads to greater endurance.

Since there are so many pre-workouts on the market today, it can be really hard for any consumer to differentiate between them and choose the right one for their own circumstances. To add another level of difficulty, a great many manufacturers are jumping into the marketplace now, just because it has become so lucrative.

With pre-workouts literally flying off the shelves, a great many new manufacturers want to get in on the action, and to obtain some piece of the market share for themselves. All this, of course, makes it even harder for you to choose which pre-workout might be the best at delivering what you need for a vigorous workout. To help you wade through this avalanche of products, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 pre-workout supplements on the marketplace today.

The rankings of these products have been achieved by using a number of factors that will be discussed later in this article. If you were to choose any one of the products described below, you would be doing yourself well, and you’ll probably have no trouble achieving all the goals and objectives you set for yourself with health and fitness.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to pick one of these and stick to it forever. You are encouraged to experiment to whatever degree you feel comfortable, and to find one specific pre- workout that delivers the qualities you need, and also fits within your budget.

  • TestoPrime
  • Transparent Labs
  • Pre Lab Pro
  • CrazyBulk


This is one of the most popular pre-workouts on the market, and it has remained true to its original formulation for maximum workout performance. It’s a bit different from most other pre-workouts in that you can expect to have virtually no side effects either during a workout or during the recovery period.

The product’s formula includes ingredients that are capable of providing sustainable and refreshing energy bursts without the inevitable crash and burn that comes at the end of a workout. This is one of the strongest supplements on our list, as it deliberately aims at increasing the level of nitric oxide in your system.

That helps to ensure that you don’t run out of energy at any point during a session, even if your particular regimen is extremely rigorous. There’s no need to take caffeine in addition to this supplement, because it already provides a massive energy boost without including stimulants. You can expect to have all the energy you need to complete even the most intense workouts when using this pre-workout supplement.

The formula includes ingredients which can enhance your workout routine in a number of different ways. For instance, you won’t have to worry about being troubled with the usual physical and mental fatigue that follows the completion of a workout, since this product has been specially designed to avoid that.

According to the manufacturer, the product delivers increased muscle growth, greater muscle endurance, faster repair and recovery, and more explosive energy than any other supplement on the market. Anyone who’s looking for a rock-solid pre-workout without the inevitable crashing sensation afterward should give this excellent supplement a try.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, L-tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, vitamins B6 and B12, and caffeine.
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $49
Money-back policy 30-day money-back guarantee


Testo Prime


This is one of the most popular pre-workouts in the marketplace today, and one big reason for that is that it specifically targets males who happen to have a low testosterone condition. That means users of this product can simultaneously address the low-testosterone situation, and get a huge energy boost to go through even the most intense workout.

According to the manufacturers, it has the capability of adding lean muscle, boosting your physical and mental energy, burning off stubborn fat, stimulating the synthesis of proteins, increasing hormone levels, enhancing your motivation, and increasing your confidence, all at the same time.

In addition to all this, the company claims that their product will work faster and achieve better results than any other supplement on the market today. It does this all without inclusion of any stimulants, which means it’s safe for everyone to consume. Another added appeal is the fact that it’s marketed by Testo Prime, which enjoys a respected position in the marketplace.

The ingredients included in the formula of this product make it a good contender to be the supplement of choice for a great many workout enthusiasts. Some users will see those fast results claimed by the manufacturer, while others might lag somewhat behind, even while achieving favorable results.

At any rate, you can expect to avoid any kind of side effects, for instance muscle cramps, since the formula includes a significant dose of amino acids. Every portion of this product is intended to provide maximum support for even the most strenuous workouts you might undertake. You’ll probably also notice some level of weight loss, which is at least comparable to other products in the marketplace, and will generally exceed the capabilities of others.

Formulation Capsules
Ingredients D-Aspartic Acid, Panax Ginseng, KSM 66 Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Garlic Extract, Black Pepper Extract
Dosage 4 capsules daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $60
Money-back policy Lifetime money-back guarantee


Transparent Labs


Transparent Labs has a great reputation in the industry, because it manufactures a number of bodybuilding supplements which are all intended to help workout enthusiasts achieve their health and fitness goals. In the specific category of pre-workouts, the manufacturer offers six distinct products, all of which are adept at boosting your energy level and increasing your muscle mass while working out.

All ingredients used in the formulas of these pre-workout have scientific backing, and they are included at dosages which will help you to lose weight, gain bulk, and boost your energy level. When you’re purposely looking to add muscle mass and muscle endurance, this may be the ideal supplement for you.

It is also capable of achieving significant results in the area of weight loss, so if you’re trying to lose weight while engaging in strenuous workouts, this might appeal to you. There are a number of reasons why you might want to make this your pre-workout of choice, one of which is that it’s an all-around kind of product that delivers a whole slew of benefits all in one package. That makes it one of the best products in its class, and certainly within its price range.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Sodium, Zinc, Potassium, Boron, Beta-alanine, L-tyrosine, Taurine, L-theanine, Caffeine, and Theobromine
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $40
Money-back policy 90-day money-back guarantee


Pre Lab Pro


The manufacturer’s stated intention with this product is to release the beast inside all consumers, and to strive for maximum strength and stamina during workouts. It markets the product as a next-generation ergogenic, which has been designed to enhance even the most strenuous of workouts in many different ways.

The company claims that its product will promote a quicker recovery, increase stamina and muscle power, enhance your endurance and strength, give you an energy boost, and maximize your cardio performance. Compared to other supplements on the market, this particular product aims at achieving a number of desirable goals all in the same workout, so that you can get maximum results each time you go to the gym.

This is one of the products on our list which is composed exclusively of science-backed, proven ingredients that will help you to achieve a healthier, fitter version of yourself in a short period of time. It’s also offered at a very reasonable price, and it performs better than many other supplements in the market which cost a great deal more.

You can expect to achieve fast results with this supplement, and as soon as you begin using it, you’ll probably notice that the impact has been favorable and significant. Usually from the very first usage of the product, workout enthusiasts begin to feel more confident about their workouts, and they find that recovery occurs more quickly afterward.

When you’re actually engaged in a strenuous session, you will feel a great deal more energy, and that will motivate you to put more effort into each and every workout. This is how you get the maximum benefit from your workout, because the greater effort that you invest, the more benefits you will derive from a workout session.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients Natural caffeine, Setria performance blend, red beetroot powder, vasodilation, natural caffeine, and L-theanine
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $59
Money-back policy 30-day money-back guarantee




This pre-workout happens to be one of the relatively new products to hit the marketplace, and its formula includes 19 unique ingredients, all of which are intended to boost your workout performance. You can expect to get a really powerful energy boost from the product without being bothered by the jitters that might come from a huge dose of caffeine.

The huge power boost that you get will come without the usual crashing effect afterward, and you’ll be able to recover at a smooth and desirable pace. While you’re working out, you’ll have very good focus and concentration, and that will help you achieve your very best performance during any given workout.

Given the fact that it includes so many terrific ingredients, you can expect to have optimal blood flow throughout your entire system when taking this supplement. That will tend to minimize any muscle fatigue that might develop later on, while also allowing you to maximize your athletic performance. Elite athletes especially like this product because it can deliver a remarkable energy boost and still provide a smooth enhancement to your athletic capabilities.

If you’re someone looking to increase muscle mass while also gaining muscle endurance, this is a supplement you should consider for regular consumption. When you do start using it regularly, you can expect to get through even the most intense workouts very comfortably, and it will help you to recover more quickly afterward.

The product’s formula includes ingredients that are a mix of some world-class protein variants, and this is one of the reasons it’s so good at helping you through strenuous workouts. It also includes whey protein isolate in large doses, and this is what allows it to contribute strongly toward the increase of muscle mass.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits delivered by its significant amino acid profile, because that helps to eliminate muscle cramping and other side effects. All ingredients used in the formulation of this product are natural and safe, and they mix easily together. Most consumers of this product state that they really enjoy the taste of it, and that’s one of the more appealing factors about this particular supplement.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients KSM-66 ashwagandha extracts –a pretty rare form of ashwagandha, and EnXtra –powerful caffeine boosting compound
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $60
Money-back policy 60-day money-back guarantee


How are pre-workout supplements evaluated?

There is definitely a need for evaluating the best of the pre-workout supplements on today’s marketplace, because otherwise there would be no way to differentiate among them. There has to be a way to distinguish the pretenders from the contenders, especially since a great many of these products don’t even come close to living up to their makers’ claims.

Because we realize how difficult it is for relatively uninformed consumers to distinguish between these products, we have included some of the factors you should take into consideration below. These are good rules of thumb for evaluating the effectiveness and the value of any pre-workouts on the market. By understanding these factors, you’ll have a better concept of what makes up a really good pre-workout.

Scientifically proven ingredients

Obviously, there’s a huge range of potential ingredients which might be included in any pre-workout. For that reason, you should make an effort to understand more about each of the ingredients which are most commonly included in the formulas of these supplements. Give yourself some time to do research and find out what kind of impact each of these ingredients has on your workout and on your body. When you have a thorough understanding of these natural ingredients, you’ll be better equipped to make a sound decision on which supplement you want to work with.

Clinically effective dosages

While some companies do include mostly ingredients which have scientific backing, sometimes these are incorporated at doses so low that they deliver no benefits whatsoever, and have no impact on your workout. Some other companies deliberately keep the dosages of ingredients a secret, which allows for no transparency to consumers. These are probably products you should avoid, because you can’t be sure of exactly what you’re getting in them.

Honest claims about benefits

Many supplement manufacturers make unrealistic claims about their products, and they have a tendency to grossly exaggerate the benefits you’ll receive by using their supplement. When you notice unrealistic claims for any product, you should probably steer clear of it, because chances are it’s not going to deliver much of any benefit to you. When ranking pre-workout supplements, some consideration has to be given to manufacturers who make honest claims about their products, as opposed to those whose claims are completely impossible to achieve.

Company reputation

Without a doubt, pre-workouts are more popular now than they have ever been, and since consumers are buying them in droves, a great many manufacturers have jumped into the marketplace to capitalize. Some of these newcomers don’t have experience with creating pre-workout supplements, and although that’s not necessarily a detriment, it’s probably best to avoid new manufacturers and stick with old reliable ones. When ranking the best pre-workout supplements, it’s always safer to stick with companies that have been in the marketplace for a number of years and have achieved a solid reputation for marketing superior products. There’s a much greater chance that new companies are marketing products that are not quite up to snuff, and not worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

Artificial ingredients

Nowadays, people are more aware than ever of the kinds of substances they ingest, and they don’t want to consume products which include artificial ingredients, additives, and sweeteners. In fact, most people these days are trying to avoid taking in any extra sweeteners, so they will shun products that include them. For this reason, products listed above are primarily composed of all-natural ingredients with none of the artificial additives that might be found in other products.

Pricing and value

As you might expect with so many products on the marketplace, there’s a wide range of prices and values that you might obtain from any given supplement. Be advised that the most affordable supplement is not necessarily the one which will deliver the kind of boost and support that you really need for your workouts. It may be a bit of a balancing act trying to find a product which is both affordable and effective at providing the boost you need for your workouts. However, with some level of experimentation and different trials, you should be able to hit upon a product which delivers both, and then you’ll have an affordable product which delivers results that you can be really happy with.

Manufacturer transparency

The best policy in advertising is for a manufacturer to list all ingredients and all dosages clearly on the product label. This will increase the confidence any consumer will have when purchasing the product. On the other hand, excluding the ingredients or dosage levels will cause a degree of skepticism in the minds of potential consumers, and these are the products that you should probably avoid. When you don’t know what’s included in any given supplement, it’s best to look at other products that are clearly marked, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Best Pre-Workouts for Beginners: Compare Top 5 Supplement Brands

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