DayZ: Every Sickness (& How To Cure Them)

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Knowing how to cure sicknesses and diseases in DayZ is one the most crucial bits of information the survival game, and can save players’ lives.

In DayZ, all players must constantly be aware of the diseases and sicknesses that they can contract, along with the symptoms and activities associated with them. DayZ has come a long way from its original Arma 2 mod days, sometimes even seeing itself in the top 25 games with the highest current player population on Steam. DayZ is a survival game like 7 Days to Die and Dead by Daylight. However, what makes DayZ stand out from other survival games is its seemingly limitless potential for sandbox shenanigans.

DayZ has several ailments that can plague players, from something as simple as a common cold to severe issues like a hemolytic reaction. Fortunately, there are cures for most of the diseases or ailments in DayZ, and they require more complicated procedures than simple healing in games like Back 4 Blood. But, unfortunately, in true survival game fashion, there are even a few health complications in DayZ that prohibit players from recovering at all.


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To better understand how healing and treatment work in DayZ, players have to memorize the 11 different types of healing items and the eight diseases that can be contracted. Bandages, for example, are used for treating wounds and bleeding that can be done more efficiently than using a rag, but players can recover lost blood through several means. If players are moderately fed and hydrated in DayZ, they’ll begin to heal blood over time. However, those looking to recover blood more quickly in DayZ will need to use a Blood Collection Kit, IV Starter Kit, Saline Bag, and even a Blood Test Kit. Additionally, each of these resources can be difficult to gather in DayZ as well.

DayZ: How To Find Treatments & Cure Diseases

DayZ Player Looking Toward A Township

Most medical supplies in DayZ can be found in townships that have hospitals or other medical buildings and from other buildings that are close to those locations and looted from the corpse of zombies in the area. Of course, players who look like they have good gear may have the items as well, but engaging in a fight while sick may end up being a fatal mistake as well. In addition to the aforementioned blood kits and bandages, players can also find Multivitamin Pills in DayZ to help boost their immune systems.

DayZ doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to disease and sickness, which is why it’s one of the ultimate survival games. Any sort of sickness can be fatal in DayZ, especially for players getting started for the first time or a new respawn. Below are the different types of sickness in DayZ, how they can be contracted, and their cures.

  • Cholera: After drinking contaminated water and vomiting, take Tetracycline Pills to cure Cholera.
  • Cold: Developed from having a low body temperature, being in the rain for too long, or from other survivors. Symptoms include sneezing and coughing, and it requires Tetracycline Pills to cure.
  • Chemical Poisoning: Developed after drinking alcoholic tinctures, gasoline, or disinfectant spray. Symptoms include dehydration and blood loss, which can be cured with Charcoal Tablets.
  • Brain Disease: Brain disease comes from players eating one another, and the symptoms are uncontrollable laughter and random tremors. The random tremors make it more difficult to aim weapons in DayZ, and the effects of brain disease are permanent until the player respawns with a new character. Giving other players brain disease is likely one of the DayZ influences toxic players had on Days Gone.
  • Heart Attack: Heart attacks happen in DayZ after a quick loss of blood or a great amount of shock and can result in unconsciousness, health damage, and even death. Treat Heart Attacks in DayZ with the Epinephrine Auto-injector.
  • Hemolytic Reaction: A hemolytic reaction occurs in DayZ after receiving blood that isn’t compatible with the player’s blood type and causes blood loss and health damage. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this in DayZ.
  • Influenza: Developed from having a low body temperature, being in the rain for too long, or from other survivors. Symptoms include sneezing and coughing, and it requires Tetracycline Pills to cure.
  • Salmonella: In DayZ, salmonella poisoning can occur after eating uncooked or raw meat and requires Charcoal Tablets to cure.

After DayZ received a large update in September 2021 that added new areas, a new rifle, and new traps, the popularity of the extreme survival game will likely continue well into 2022.

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DayZ is available on Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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