Derms Agree: This Is Actually The Most Effective Anti-Aging Evening Routine

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Aging gracefully is possible with the help of a well-balanced diet, adequate sleep, and a consistent and thorough skincare routine. 

We reached out to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, M.D., for a step-by-step anti-aging evening routine that’s easy to follow and immensely beneficial for your skin health.

These tips suit any skin type, whether you’re already experiencing wrinkles, age spots and fine lines and want to treat them, or wishing to prevent them in the long run. 

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Step #1: Wash Your Face With A Mild Cleanser and Remove All Makeup

Washing your face is essential for unclogging your pores, preventing acne and cleaning your skin in general. Jaliman explains precisely how to wash your face, what to wash it with, and one common method to avoid.


“Use a cotton pad or baby washcloth to lightly wash your face,” says Jaliman, “but change and use a clean cloth or pad each time.” She says not to use your fingers when washing your face “as there are bacteria under the fingernails and not enough exfoliation provided by the fingers.” 


“Choose a mild cleanser with hydration,” adds Jaliman, noting that glycerin, hyaluronic acid and ceramides are good choices. “Use micellar water to take off the last traces of makeup because it has no alcohol and will not be drying,” says Jaliman.




#2: Use a Treatment Serum 

After cleansing your skin, the next step is to add a treatment serum. “I’m a big fan of niacinamide as it evens out the skin color— both red and brown discoloration,” says Jaliman.


She advises to choose a product with hyaluronic acid for an extra boost of moisture as it is a very hydrating ingredient that promotes plump and glowy skin. As we age, our skin produces less oil and moisture, so the more we hydrate it, the less pronounced wrinkles we may see. 


#3: Moisturize 


After adding a treatment serum with the purpose of hydrating your face, the next step is to hydrate it even more. As we enter the dead of winter, you might be experiencing dry, flaky skin, so ample moisture is key.


“You can add an additional moisturizer on top,” Jaliman says. “Pick one with ceramides, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.” If the goal is to have the healthiest-looking skin possible, moisturizing is a crucial step for every morning and every night.


#4: Get Some Rest!

Avoid developing dark circles and other difficult-to-conceal signs of age by catching some z’s! The importance of adequate sleep for great skin is unparalleled. Sleeping six to eight hours every evening has incredible benefits for your health overall. The body needs this time to restore, repair and ultimately, rest.


For more information about any of these steps, products or how to create a skincare routine that works best for you, visit your dermatologist to start the new year off with the great skin.

Derms Agree: This Is Actually The Most Effective Anti-Aging Evening Routine

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