Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski provides an update to his health status

Via Peters

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski provided the public with an update on his health condition after he experienced issues that prevented him from coaching the second half of the Blue Devils’ 76–74 victory over Wake Forest on Tuesday.

Speaking on ESPNU radio with Sean Farnham, Krzyzewski said he was feeling “better.”

“We went through a very taxing part of our season with four games in eight days, late travel,” Krzyzewski said. “I still prepare the same way. That day, for Wake, I wasn’t feeling that good. But during the game, during the first half, I got lightheaded on the bench. I called [assistant coaches] Jon Scheyer and Chris Carrawell over and said, ‘I’m not feeling great; you guys do more. Don’t hold back.’ Then I started feeling a little bit better during the half, and then as I’m walking off the court at halftime, it was the first time I had stood up. I really thought I could pass out.”


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