Experiencing a Higher Level of Fatigue May Predict Death in Older Adults

Via Peters

How fatigued activities like walking, light housework, or heavy gardening make an older person feel may be a predictor of how likely they are to die in the next few years, according to a new study.

The research, published on January 24 in The Journal of Gerontologyis the first to establish higher levels of perceived physical fatigability as an indicator of earlier death, said lead author Nancy W. Glynn, PhD, associate professor in the department of epidemiology at Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health in Pittsburgh, in a release. “Conversely, lower scores indicate greater energy and more longevity.”

What Exactly Does Fatigue Mean?

Fatigue is different than feeling sleepy. Instead, it’s a feeling of tiredness or lack of energy and motivation. However, drowsiness and apathy can sometimes accompany fatigue, according to StatPearls.

Although fatigue can be a perfectly normal response to stress or a hard day of work or play, it may be a sign of an underlying health issue if it’s not improved by getting plenty of rest or good nutrition.


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