Fall River health experts say COVID-19 is here to stay

Via Peters

FALL RIVER — Every time it seems like COVID-19 is ready to fade away it comes back to remind us that it’s not over. Last spring, with cases falling and vaccinations increasing Massachusetts ended the State of Emergency and things started going back to normal. But the Delta variant soon showed up to lead to an alarming increase in cases, including breakthrough cases in fully vaccinated people. In September the Delta variant receded and cases began to fall again. But sure enough as the weather has gotten colder and people are spending more time indoors we are seeing a clear increase in cases in the month of November, up over 75% since November 1.

Scientists are increasingly convinced now that COVID-19 will become endemic — meaning that it will continue to circulate in pockets of the population for years to come. This virus is so effective at moving from person to person, including among those who are vaccinated, that we will likely never see it fade away entirely.


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