Farmacy Food furthers its mission with healthy meal subscription

Via Peters

Farmacy Food, a Detroit-based organization that aims to foster community health and wellness through food, is readying to launch a meal subscription service to get good nutrition into the hands of more people. 

This month, Farmacy Food’s founders chef Phil Jones and Kwaku Osei teamed up with restorative nutrition expert Akua Woolbright, Ph.D., to help address the needs of customers who want to improve their health and well-being through diet. 

When launched this spring, Farmacy Food’s subscription service will provide nutritious meals to people in the area on a consistent basis. The locally sourced food comes from farms and other providers within a 150-mile radius. 

“The collaboration with Dr. Woolbright is more than just Farmacy Food, it’s helping our customers to offer them enhanced nutritional information, physical education, being able to ultimately be at a point where we can give very specific in terms of what we’re able to offer,” said Jones.

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