Feeling Stressed, Anxious, and Sad About Ukraine? Tips for Coping

Via Peters

The last two years have been stressful to say the least. But the world is still turning after a health crisis that globally shook daily life in previously unthinkable ways. In many places, masks are coming off. Travel restrictions have loosened. As another long COVID winter started to end, there seemed to be light (maybe distant light, but still light) at the end of the anxiety-ridden tunnel. My clients seemed to be breathing just a little bit easier.

Then, on February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine — and for many, feelings of uncertainty and unease came rushing back.

If since the start of the war in Ukraine you have been feeling an uptick in worry, sadness, anger, hopelessness, or any combination of these feelings, you are not alone. Yes, we expect major world events to affect us, but this event has been especially impactful for people all over the world.

To start, we like things to make sense. We grow up learning that doing “bad” things come with punishment and doing “good” things comes with praise; good things happen to “good” people and bad things happen to “bad” people.


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