Former Snapchat Executive Jason Halbert Addresses Hair Loss

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DAPHNE, Ala., Dec. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jason G. Halbert, a former Snap Inc. executive and key influence on the popular video messaging app Snapchat, launches Apollo Health Products to fight hair loss and men’s sexual health issues.

Apollo Health Products is a telehealth platform aimed at improving the lives of men by providing on-demand, personalized treatment to patients through messaging portals with healthcare professionals and a pharmacy licensed in 44 states.

Apollo’s launch comes at a time when the healthcare system has a shortage of clinicians. People have become reluctant to discuss sensitive issues with their primary care providers and expose themselves to infectious diseases in today’s waiting rooms.

Halbert added, “There’s too much discomfort in the process of seeking and receiving care in the current doctor’s office environment. Our telehealth platform is built to alleviate patient discomfort while reducing the strain on the healthcare system.”

Halbert explains how patients can avoid traditional inconveniences in modern times.

“People shouldn’t have to sit in a doctor’s office or stand in pharmacy waiting lines when treatments can be handled through telemedicine,” says Halbert. “Patients can simply communicate with their doctor through text messaging and video calls from the comfort of their home or office.”

Apollo’s clinicians will answer your treatment requests in less than 24 hours and deliver your prescriptions with free, 2-day shipping.

Research shows that men often wait entirely too long before addressing hair loss.

Chances of preserving your hair or regrowing lost hair improve significantly with the right treatment plan started early.

Halbert offered, “Millions of men would benefit from starting treatment in the early to mid-twenties, but they often wait until their thirties, for reasons mostly based on a false hope that the hair-loss will cease or that the loss is inevitable. Fortunately, neither one of these are true.”

Halbert has served in executive and consulting roles for some of the most influential technology companies of the past decade. Halbert helped Snap Inc. grow from 100 employees to approximately 4,000 over the course of five years as the VP of People. Halbert intends to implement the same influence and shaping methods with Apollo as he has done for his clients over the past 20 years.

Visit the company’s website or YouTube channel to learn more about Apollo Health Products.

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