Health experts reveal easy exercises, diet tips to help kids grow taller faster | Health

While some people believe that human height is determined only by genetics, others are often looking for methods that are supposedly able to increase a person’s height as health experts insist that nutrition, exercises, environmental and lifestyle factors also come into play during childhood and adolescence to determine how tall someone will be once they are done growing. From Optimal Movement Therapy to right nutrition fuel for kids’ nourishment, we got a few health experts to share all the tricks and tips in exercise and diet to help your child grow taller faster.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Mickey Mehta, Celebrity Holistic Healer and Lifestyle Coach shared, “Optimal Movement Therapy for children will facilitate opening up of all their joints, increasing growth hormones, improving the heart and lung conditioning, improving oxygen into the body, increasing strength in the limbs and agility. All these things put together will help the child to grow taller.” He listed some exercises that can come handy in helping your child to grow taller faster:

1. Standing against the wall with stomach and face facing it and gradually crawling up with the fingers and going up on the tip of your toes as high as possible stretching the spine hamstrings, neck, shoulder joints, armpits, hip socket holding it there, coming back and again breathing out while crawling up, do that for 5-7 times.

2. Turn around with your spine against the wall, shoulder length, legs apart, soft knees, take a deep breathe touch your hands up their on the wall and then breathe out and slowly come down bending your spine trying to touch your toes and hanging your head suspended downwards do that around 5-7 times.

3. Bounces, bounce and spring up, bounce breathe out and spring up so breathe in bounce and breathe out and spring up, breathe in squat. So when you bounce you should get off the floor, breathe out and reach for the sky.

4. After that, Bhujanasana and back Inchworm walk.

5. Then, Single Pavan Muktasana and Double Pavan Muktasana should also be done.

According to Celebrity Nutritionist Priyanka Shetty, children can only grow if they are provided with the right enough fuel for their nourishment. Before they eat food, they must be exposed to a lot of nature, sunshine and fresh air and listed some diet tips:

1. Children should be given a lot of A2 cow’s ghee with milk and rock sugar in winters.

2. For breakfast, they can have homemade poha, desi ghee upma (with groundnuts, chickpeas, lentils, French beans, carrot, coriander leaves).

3. In summers, they should be given melons, nuts and lots of fruits.

4. With lunch, you can give them salad, aloo paratha or sweet potato grilled or pan fried, moong daal, buttermilk, brown rice and til gud ladoo or rajgira chikki or sattu’s.

5. In the evening when they are hungry, you can give them tender coconut water along with that you can give them chana or nuts, raisins.

6. At dinner, you could give them some jowar roti, mix green veggies and paneer and soup (carrot, beetroot, tomato or cauliflower, spinach, pumpkin and some more combinations).

7. Make sure the child doesn’t overeat and make sure they don’t hit the sack immediately after lunch and dinner.

8. The dinner must happen by 6.30pm-7pm.

9. Children should sleep well to heal, become whole and grow tall.

An educator and a Master Yoga trainer, Deepal Modi suggested, “Meditation is very important. Children must know how to space out, how to completely blackout, how to empty the cluttered mind so that an empty mind is a mind that will heal that will make them whole and that will allow them to change the genetic signature from what it was, to what it could be with the new memories with right food workouts and other lifestyle. It can be done simply by focusing on breath and/or to visualise happy moments. Techniques like candle gazing, mantra recitation are good for children. Dance could also be done as meditation.”