How To Cure Every Disease In Outward

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Outward is a survival game, which means that oftentimes, you will need to battle against harsh environmental factors, including disease. There are several diseases that you can contract, all of which last forever until you find a cure. If you have recently caught a disease, we are here to help.

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In this guide, we are going to take a look at every disease in Outward, as well as how you can recover from each one. First, let’s take a look at Fungal Cleanser, which can be used to cure the most common diseases we will be discussing.

Fungal Cleanser

Fungal Cleanser is a dish that removes poison, as well as common diseases. This dish can be crafted with the following ingredients.

  • 1x Woolshroom
  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Ochre Spice Beetle

If you do not have these ingredients on hand, you can also purchase a Fungal Cleanser from Chef Iasu, located in Berg. This is the only location where you can purchase this dish, so be sure to buy one whenever you are in Berg.

Although Fungal Cleanser does not cure every disease, it does cure all the common ones that you have a higher chance of contracting.

Now, let’s take a look at all the diseases that you can get while playing. In total, there are eight different diseases that you can contract. Below, you can learn about all eight, as well as how to get rid of them.


Colds are a type of disease that reduce your stamina. To catch a Cold, you will need to be at a temperature of -40 or less. While in this temperature, you have a 30 percent chance to catch a Cold every second.

With a Cold, you will have a stamina regeneration reduction of 15 percent, as well as the chance to cough, which interrupts any action that you are performing. If you have an acute Cold, then you will receive a 30 percent stamina regeneration reduction.

Colds can be cured with the following items.

  • Fungal Cleanser
  • Seared Root
  • Soothing Tea
  • Turmmip Potage
  • Panacea
  • Boiled Dreamer’s Root

Additionally, you can cure a Cold by resting for more than ten hours. By sleeping this long, the cold will recede, which means that over time, it will cure.

Hive Infestation

This is a disease that you can obtain by being captured by the Hive or by being attacked by certain Hive enemies. Hives are dungeons that appear as giant bug nests, which can be found in the Enmerkar Forest and Abrassar.

If you have Hive Infestation, you will receive the following effects.

  • -15 Percent Status Effect Resistance
  • Health Burn Rate Increased by 100 percent
  • Stamina Burn Rate Increased by 100 percent

With the acute version of Hive Infestation, the effects will double. Hive Infestation can be cured with the following items.

  • Extreme Poison
  • Poisoned Effect
  • Panacea


Indigestion is a disease that can occur from ingesting raw or dirty food and drinks, such as raw meat and eggs, or rancid water.

With Indigestion, you have a 40 percent chance to vomit the food that you eat, nullifying the effects. The acute version of Indigestion will increase the chance to vomit to 80 percent. Indigestion can be removed with the following items.

  • Fungal Cleanser
  • Mineral Tea
  • Needle Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Panacea

Resting for more than 12 hours will cause Indigestion to begin receding, however, this does not apply if you have acute Indigestion.


Hyena Burrow in Chersonese

Infections occur when you are scratched or bit by wild animals, such as Hyenas. During the Attacked by Hyenas defeat scenario, you have a 75 percent chance of getting an infection.

There are three different levels of infection; below, you can check out the effects of each level.

Normal Infection Acute Infection Extreme Infection
  • -3% Health per minute
  • -15% less Hunger restored when you eat
  • -10% Health per minute
  • -25% less Hunger restored when you eat
  • -10% Health per minute
  • -35% less Hunger restored when you eat

Infections can be removed with the following items.

  • Fungal Cleanser
  • Pungent Paste
  • Bitter Spicy Tea
  • Boiled Miasmapod
  • Miasmapod
  • Able Tea
  • Panacea


Frost and Lightning Elementals

Leywilt can occur when you are attacked by Arcane enemies, such as Ethereal and Frost Elementals. You can also obtain Leywilt from the following four defeat scenarios.

  • Attacked by dweller
  • Defeated by Light Mender
  • Dragged off by golem
  • Resting on a tomb

Leywilt will increase your Mana cost by 40 percent and with The Three Brothers DLC, you will also have a barrier (6). With the receded version of Leywilt, your mana cost will increase by 20 percent, and you will receive a barrier (3) as well.

Unlike the previous diseases, Leywilt will cure itself. Once Leywilt starts to recede, you will be cured in 24 hours. If you can’t wait this long, Leywilt can also be cured with the following two items.

Meeka Fever

Meeka Fever affects your thirst and weather protection. With the normal version of Meeka Fever, you will have decreased weather protection by ten, and your thirst rate will deplete by 100 percent.

With acute Meeka Fever, you will have decreased weather protection by 15, and your thirst rate will deplete by 200 percent. Overall, you will always be very thirsty.

This disease can be gained by experiencing the following defeat scenarios. Additionally, an Accursed Wendigo has a five percent chance of giving you Meeka Fever.

  • Awaken in Old Levant
  • Chained by Troglodytes
  • Half cooked in the volcano
  • Lost in the Face of the Ancients
  • Stumbled into the Oasis

Like Leywilt, Meeka Fever will cure itself. By sleeping for ten or more hours, you can get rid of Meeka Fever. If this is not an option, you can use the following items.

  • Cool Potion
  • Iced Tea
  • Panacea

The Hunch

The Hunch is a unique disease that can only be obtained by experiencing the following defeat scenarios.

  • Escaped with the Hunch
  • Fallen into the Ancient Hive
  • Feasted on by Hive larvae
  • Pounced on by Myrmitaur
  • Used in Troglodyte ritual

The normal version of the Hunch will decrease your damage by 15 percent. With the acute version of the Hunch, you will receive the same damage decrease, as well as a 15 percent decrease in physical resistance.

The Hunch can be removed with the following two items.

Ambraine Withdrawal

Ambraine Plant

  • This is exclusive to The Three Brothers DLC

Lastly, we have Ambraine Withdrawal. Ambraine is an addictive herb that has a variety of positive effects, however, you can quickly become addicted to it.

If you go more than six hours without taking Ambraine after you first use it, you will experience Ambrain Withdrawal. Additionally, if you go through the ‘Saved by stranger with ambraine’ defeat scenario, you can experience Ambraine Withdrawal.

To cure this disease, you can use the following items.

  • More Ambraine
    • This will not cure your addiction, just stall it for six more hours
  • Greasy Tea
  • Panacea

That’s every disease in Outward! Overall, you can avoid these diseases by always bringing a variety of potions with you, as well as being cautious when you travel.

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