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Amid the rapidly rising cases of Covid-19 in India courtesy the highly mutated variant Omicron and a fresh set of restrictions, it is natural for people to feel uncertain, anxious and stressed. 

As Covid-19 virus enters its fourth year since 2019, people grappling with the pandemic may be showing signs of fatigue but also great resilience and are once again looking for fresh ways to cope with the current situation.

Good thing is that the pandemic has made us stronger than ever before and we know that we will get through this storm like we did before and ‘this too shall pass.’

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With a stronger mind, body, coping mechanisms and of course our loved ones around, we can keep our stress levels in check and find happiness in whatever is going well for us.

Dr Chandni Tugnait, MD (A.M) Psychotherapist, Life Alchemist, Coach & Healer, Founder & Director, Gateway of Healing gives us some tips for sound mental health as the Omicron cases rise.

Take care of your body: It is important to follow a routine that includes exercise, nutrition, healthy eating habits, good sleep, frequent breaks and limited screen time.

Take care of your mind: Make mindfulness a habit. You can blend a lot of contributive practices in your daily routine such as gratitude, meditation, breathing exercises, brain dumping in a journal and focusing on positive thoughts.

Take care of your emotions: Don’t suppress or impulsively express your emotions – process them. Acceptance is vital in processing the feelings instead of staying in denial or forcing oneself to be positive as that can have an adverse impact on one’s mental health. Seek help from an expert in case of chronic cases.

Take care of your connections: It’s essential to continue connecting with people even if it is over messages, calls or video interactions. If you are fully vaccinated and are taking precautions and going to work, make it a point to take breaks in between to connect with your friends and family. Offer support to anyone who needs help. Be there for your loved ones and share your feelings with your confidant.

Take care of your mindset: Our mindset impacts our reality. Be mindful of your thoughts and language. Focus on what you have and what you would like to have in order to keep stress and anxiety away. The more you focus on the news, the rise in cases and the hardships around, the harder the impact will be on your nervous system. Take all the precautions and allow your awareness to guide you instead of letting assumptions and judgments cloud your decision-making ability.

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