Luke Coutinho Shares Simple Tips To Deal With Anxiety, The Root Cause Of Many Diseases

Luke Coutinho Shares Simple Tips To Deal With Anxiety, The Root Cause Of Many Diseases

Anxiety and stress are a root cause for many health problems

Anxiety is one of the most common problems people nowadays have to deal with, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. It not only affects the mental health, but also a person’s emotions, behaviour, and confidence, affecting his/her life in many ways. However, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, in his latest Instagram post, reassures that there is nothing to worry! Luke believes that while dealing with anxiety can be tough, it is not impossible. While we all get anxious, there are many ways to manage the symptoms. That’s what he has done in a new Instagram post. Luke addressed the issue and offered solutions.

Here’s what Luke Coutinho said:

1) Anxiety is not always a bad thing

First and foremost, understand that anxiety is not a bad thing. Anything you perceive to be negative in life has a negative impact on your mental and physical well-being. A negative idea produces a similar emotion, which encourages negative behaviour. It also stimulates a negative action that is followed by a poor outcome.

Luke said that one needs to stop labelling stress and anxiety as “negative” when it comes to controlling tension and dispersing anxiety.

Some people, for example, enjoy having deadlines at work because it encourages them to work. Others, on the other hand, are unable to work under time constraints.

Stress isn’t a person, a thing, or an occurrence; it’s what you make of a circumstance. The way you relate to a person, an object, or an event determines your level of stress. As a result, Luke advises that before attempting to minimise anxiety, you should first work on how you relate to the source of your stress.

2) Anxiety is a survival mechanism

Anxiety is nothing but a survival mechanism that warns us to train our body to prepare us for stress that may be entering our lives. We are all born with a survival instinct. For example, if your blood sugar level suddenly goes up, it tells you that you need to change your lifestyle.

3) Move to action when you feel anxious

Anxiety is an issue for most people because they are trapped in it. It is necessary to take action in order to overcome anxiety. Anxiety is a person’s worst enemy because they want to be in charge of everything. There are some aspects of life over which we have no control. If you ever feel anxious, think about what possible action you can take and do it. But if the situation is not in your control, let go of it.

If you stay stuck with the feeling of anxiety, it will just get worse and turn into illusions and stories that aren’t even true. Luke says human minds are capable of fabricating stories over minor issues.

Take a look:

If you’re having difficulties with stress or anxiety, watch this video by Luke Coutinho.

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