Palm Desert man heals after traumatic past

Via Peters

The minute you step foot inside Daniel Marquez’s Palm Desert home, you get a sense of who he is. Before you’ve spoken a single word to him.

Black and white photos of The Doors singer Jim Morrison, boxer Muhammad Ali, English rock band The Beatles and Los Angeles Dodgers players line his living room wall. Based on this choice of imagery, it’s easy to guess that Marquez, 62, loves rock ‘n’ roll and America’s favorite pastime.

But each of these icons also holds a deeper significance for Marquez, which you discover once he recounts his life’s journey — or as he says, the “many lifetimes I’ve lived in this short lifetime.” As a young child, Marquez was sexually abused, but he was told to never speak about it. That trauma, along with witnessing abusive behavior from his father, who later died by suicide, impacted Marquez’s life in a number of ways, leading him down his own spiral with alcohol abuse, anger and unstable relationships.

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