Powerlifter Mark Bell Shared Some Simple Advice for Weight Loss

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In a new video on his YouTube channel, powerlifting legend Mark Bell shares some of the lessons he has learned about burning fat throughout his career, and offers advice on how to lose weight without sacrificing muscle.

Protein leveraging

“Eat large amounts of protein,” says Bell. “Protein is a great neutralizer of cravings and hunger, and if you can throw in a couple of egg whites, chicken breast, lean fish… it’s quick, easy protein and hardly any fat.”

“When I’m not hungry for meat and eggs, I’m experiencing what I consider to be fake hunger,” he continues. “The human body is in search of protein, and you’re not going to find it in a bag of Doritos… Those things are hyper-palatable, a.k.a. they taste really fucking good… You literally lose control in that moment because all you can think about is the next bite.”

Intermittent fasting

“Obviously the act of eating less, of course that would be a net positive,” says Bell. At the same time, he advises not to get too caught up in the rules of how many hours you should or shouldn’t be fasting; figure out a balance that works for you. Instead of the “16/8” split, he recommends starting out with a 10-hour fasting window. “Your sleep counts,” he says. “Just try to extend that a little bit through the morning time.”

Flexible dieting

“Weight loss, by nature, is never sustainable,” says Bell, who prefers to ask: “Did it help you lose weight, and did it help you to keep weight off?” He acknowledges that the process of cutting down for a physique competition is unlikely to be something that will work on a permanent basis, but believes there are still benefits to be taken if you apply them on a more flexible basis.

“Could doing a carnivore diet once a year for a month be massively rewarding in a lot of ways? Fuck yes, it can be. Can it be beneficial to do three weeks of keto, just as a clean-up?.. In my opinion, your diet should change, it should move around, that’s what’s been the most fun for me.”


Having already spoken at length about the benefits of walking for weight loss and overall health, Bell believes that everyone should be taking at least three 10-minute walks a day.

“Walking is an activity for most people that is so easy that if you don’t overdo it, if you’re walking a handful of times a week or a couple times a day, it’s not going to be too taxing. And because it’s not too taxing, it’s not going to make you hungry,” he says. “Make a rule for yourself: if you’re going to listen to a podcast, you either have to be driving, or you have to be moving.”

Lifting weights

Bell recommends a weights workout four times a week, and encourages people to find their own favorite exercises and build their routines around those. “Don’t think that you have to have a capacity to do it the way you see other people do it,” he says. “Build your own capacity your own way.”

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