Six tips on how to deal with anxiety

Via Peters

Dr. John Delony

The world has become an anxious, worrisome place. Anxiety has been escalating on a near-vertical trendline— currently, 40 million adults in the U.S. alone are struggling.

Make no mistake: Even if you don’t struggle with anxiety, it is real, and it’s powerful. I know I’ve been weighed down by anxiety and the runaway train of fear and compulsion. But I also know that healing and peace is possible when we decide to change our identity, take ownership of our thoughts and actions, and partner with anxiety instead of going to war with it.

Anxiety is like a smoke alarm. It goes off when it detects a threat in our bodies or our environments — like when we feel we’re in danger, alone or out of control. In most cases (though not all), anxiety does not mean something is wrong inside us, but rather, it means there are fires in our environment — like disconnection, safety concerns, overstimulation or past trauma — that need to be addressed. Sometimes, it’s as simple as drinking way too much coffee and not getting enough sleep.

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