Skincare Routines For Millennial Moms

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Whether you’ve been applying moisturizer since your teen years or you’ve never even thought about your skin, by the time you hit 30, you may have noticed your reflection looks a little different now. You’re wiser of course and much more secure than you were in your 20s, which are such positives, but the 30s will likely bring your first noticeable signs of aging. There is of course absolutely nothing wrong with getting older and there is also no shame in taking care of your skin to help it age in a healthy way.

After we age out of our 20s, our skin isn’t so forgiving anymore. Younger skin naturally produces more collagen and more growth hormones resulting in skin that heals itself and doesn’t take on as much damage. Dermatologist Dr. DiAnne Davis explains that in our 30s the sun damage we have acquired and the “natural aging process” starts to take a toll.

As quoted in Instyle, Dr. Davis said,

“Collagen slowly diminishes and that results in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of skin elasticity.”

Skin will also begin to become duller and lose that natural glow. Pores will also get larger and older skin can also fall victim to cystic acne just like in the teen years. In general, you’re just getting older and so is your skin. By the time we turn 30 and beyond, almost all of us will have some fine lines, maybe a wrinkle here or there, and perhaps our faces will be showing off some of the fun you had in your 20s.

A skincare routine may sound intimidating and expensive, but it really isn’t. While some routines can be extensive, taking care of your face can be as low-key as you need it. Products that you can use can be found at drugstores for less than $10 and can make a difference too. Here are some easy tips for an easy, daily skin care routine.

Have Separate Daytime & Nighttime Routines

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You’re doing different things at night than you are doing during the day. In the day, your skin needs different protection, and you need to prep and protect your skin from the sun. There are a few steps, and a few products you will need for a daytime routine. These products are for if you want to have a multi-step routine: cleanser, serum, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, and most importantly sunscreen.

Your 30s is the time to start using an actual cleanser. You need to remove dirt and oils from your skin and pores regularly. Wash your face with a cleanser in the morning and then apply a toner. Toner will do an even deeper clean of your pres. Follow that up a daytime serum and then a light application of an eye cream, Eye cream should be applied with the ring finger and patted on in small quantities just under the eye and nowhere else. Moisturizer keeps the skin soft and supple trying to make up for your body’s loss of collagen.

The most important product any daytime skincare routine needs is sunscreen. Sun is the number one biggest danger to the skin and in your 30s, sun damage will begin to show. Use an SPF of 30 and higher and apply it last before applying any makeup. If this seems like a lot to you, cleanser, moisturizers, and sunscreen are the most important products to use during the day.

At nighttime, this is when you clean your skin from a busy day and boost it up with anti-aging products and more moisture. Before bed, you should cleanse your skin again. Follow up with a night cream and eye cream with retinol. A night cream is usually much heavier and is meant to soak into your skin all night. Serums are also an option. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also protect your skin. When cleaning and moisturizing, don’t neglect your neck and apply any serum, moisturizer and sunscreen there as well.

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What The 30s Means For Your Skin

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It may be tempting but don’t settle for washing your face with wipes only. They won’t clean your skin as well and will leave dirt and residue. Washing your face is the single most important thing busy moms can do to take care of their skin. Even when you’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open, washing your face should be done for some self-care. Stress also plays a significant role in our skin health. Since the 30s are typically more stressful than the 20s overall, it makes sense for the skin to begin to show age for multiple reasons.

There’s also a possibility that your skin will become more sensitive as you get more into your 30s. Be gentle with it and don’t use harsh products or do chemical facial peels without doing your research. It’s also a good idea to consider visiting a dermatologist for any skin concerns you may have. If something is still bothering you, it likely isn’t going away on its own. Any frequent acne or red spots could possibly be taken care of with the help of a skin doctor.

Source: Instyle, Byrdie, Women’s Health Mag

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