The Anti-Aging Eyeliner Trick That Gives You An Instant Face Lift, According To MUA’s

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If your quest for a more youthful, glowy look stops and ends with contour makeup, bronzer, and highlighter, you may be shocked to see the difference a beautifully made-up eye can make to your overall appearance. One eye makeup trick in particular can give your face an instant lift that leaves you looking and feeling fresher. The best part? You don’t need to own 20 makeup brushes or possess a pro makeup artist’s knowledge of eyeshadow placement and what suits your specific eye shape. No matter what shape or color your eyes are, this anti-aging eyeliner trick gives you an instant face lift, according to makeup artists.

Flicks And Wings

Adding a little flick or wing just at the outer corner of the eyes can create an instant uplifting effect and help take years off your look, according to Celebrity Makeup Artist Lynn Simpson. “To start, you can line the upper lid with the soft kohl pencil,” Simpson says. “Try your best to keep it thin and tight to your lash line. You can always add to make your liner thicker, which is easier than cleaning up liner that is too thick from the start. Once you have the desired line across the entire lid, use the angled brush edge dipped into the gel liner. Use the straight edge to stamp a small angled line starting at the outer corner of the eye. Angle it towards the end of your eyebrow to help keep symmetry for both eyes. If the angles don’t look even it’s easy and quick to remove the stamped line with a little Q-tip and eye makeup remover.”

Once you have both eyes matching, Simpson advises using a liquid liner to connect the stamped edge to the liner drawn along the lid. “Fill in the outer corner to desired thickness,” she says. “And voila! An instant eye lift with a little flick of winged liner.”

But hold that thought because there’s one more trick that will help make your wing even more stunning.

Mind Your Angles

To make a youthful eyeliner look, the trick is all in the angle, says MODA Makeup Artist Clint Brock.

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“Make sure that the shape you’re creating is done at a 45-degree angle in order to give the eyes and face a more lifted appearance,” Brock says. “Do not be afraid to pull liner further away from the eyes, you do not have to keep it tight to the eyes. When using liner, the ideal place to stop your liner for everyday is about halfway between the tail of your brow and the outer corner of your eye.” 


Brock’s slightly different approach is to start by creating little dashes in the shape of the line you want using powder and a brush. “Think of it like ‘connecting the dots,’” Brock says. “A brush I love for creating the perfect liner every time is the OMNIA Brush BOM-515, because it’s super small and you can make those dashes. When you finally land on the shape you like, you can connect them together!”


With these tips you’re just a few products away from a stunning look that gives off major bombshell vibes. 

The Anti-Aging Eyeliner Trick That Gives You An Instant Face Lift, According To MUA’s

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