The Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Trick Every Woman Over 40 Should Try

As you grow older, adjusting your makeup application to flatter your complexion can make all the difference in your appearance. Sticking to techniques that worked in your 20’s may be second nature by now, but tailoring your makeup to lift and highlight the skin while drawing attention to the high points of your face will do the most for enhancing your youthful glow. If you’re experiencing the natural side effects of aging in the form of sagging or drooping skin, there are eyeshadow application techniques to avoid, and some which can allow you to smooth your lids and look younger than before. 

We spoke with Global Makeup Artist Natasha Moor, founder and chief empowerment officer of Natasha Moor Cosmetics to determine the best anti-aging tips to try for your eye makeup, and it’s all in the shades you choose.

Stick to single tones

With wrinkles around the eyes and on the lids, you may be tempted to opt for glittering shadows in order to distract from crepey skin. However, Moor warns that this tactic may actually have the opposite effect when it comes to reducing your age. “Avoid shimmers or thick glitter pigments, which can make your eyelids appear “wrinkly” and aging,” she says. Softer champagne shades may not have the same impact, but particularly shadows with larger pieces of glitter should be avoided. 

That being said, sticking with a single shade, matte looks will be the best way to smooth out the lid, masking fine lines or wrinkles that may have begun to develop in that area. “Keep the entire area bright and fresh with a single tone, like a vanilla. If you want to go darker, choose a natural brown for the entire lid,” says Moor. While this may seem limiting, you can still continue to experiment with an array of shades so long as you’re making sure to stick to just one shadow so as not to overwhelm your complexion.

Following the theme of sticking to one single matte shade, Moor also suggests skipping out on using crease colors as you grow older, as this can simply function to age your face as well, creating unnecessary shadows. “We’ve all been taught the two-tone trick of darkening the crease. When you reach the point where you’re concerned about looking older, stop doing that, as creating a hollow can be aging,” she says.

Applying makeup as you age is all about finding new methods of complimenting your skin and best features, drawing attention away from fine lines and wrinkles while highlighting your best assets. This is not to say you can’t try out the vast array of makeup trends taking social media by storm, but sticking to single shade looks can be helpful in reducing your age and allowing for a smooth and effortless look that enhances both your beauty and your confidence in turn. 


The Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Trick Every Woman Over 40 Should Try—Plus What To Avoid