The Classic Eye Makeup Trick That Gives You An Instant Face Lift

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Makeup is one of the best tools to utilize for enhancing your appearance and highlighting your best features without making any permanent changes to your face. Mastering the application techniques that most effectively flatter your look is essential for nailing your makeup day after day and getting a well-deserved boost of confidence that comes from feeling good in your skin.

As you grow older it’s natural for skin to sag and fine lines to develop on the surface, so adjusting your makeup routine accordingly can create the illusion of an effortless facelift without actually getting any work done. We spoke with NYC-based commercial & editorial makeup artist Lindsay Kastuk for her top tips on applying eye makeup in a way that can lift your face and snatch your complexion for a flawless look everyday.

Blend Out And Up

Knowing how to work with your particular eye shape is essential for creating a lifted look on your face, and Kastuk suggests focusing a darker shade on your outer corner while making sure to blend upward will create the illusion of a natural face lift. “I always try to keep the darker shadows at the outer corner of the eyes – never inwards; this closes the eyes in,” she explains. “You want to make sure and always blend the darker eyeshadows up and out.”

Dragging and blending a darker shade upward on the corner of your lid will have the same effect as a cat eye wing, drawing the attention towards your temple and making your face look taut and lifted. “For a simple yet effective eye lift trick, use a little bit of a dark eyeshadow (or an eyeliner) and place it at the outer top lash line,” says Kastuk. “A very soft liner look can lift the outer corner of the eye a bit.” While harsher liners and sharp lines are certainly in, a softer, more blended look can help add a subtle beauty to your appearance.  


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Pairing a blended, darker outer corner eyeshadow look with a defined contour can work together to effectively solidify the illusion of a face lift, and it only stands to reason that if you want your face to appear more angular, adding in those angles yourself will make all the difference. “[This look] draws the eyes upwards and creates the illusion that everything is being pulled upward,” explains Kastuk. “Similarly to contouring your cheeks or nose, it’s creating an eye shape.”

Achieving a facelift through makeup is largely about blending effectively, but Kastuk notes that building up layer by layer can help to create the most natural final product. “Add a little bit of color at a time and stop when you feel good. It is much easier to take your time and add color than it is to start over entirely,” she explains. 

Ultimately the makeup look that you feel the most confident in is going to be the one which appears most flattering against your features, but remembering to concentrate your product to the outer corner of your eye and blending in an upwards motion will produce a significant anti-aging effect. Creating almost a catlike wing with your shadow will draw attention upwards, masking fine lines around the eyes and giving your complexion a natural face lift without ever having to actually go under the knife.

The Classic Eye Makeup Trick That Gives You An Instant Face Lift

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