The love of a mother will be making a difference in Central Texas

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The Pink Warrior Angels of Texas will host the third annual Runway of Hope on Saturday.

COPPERAS COVE, Texas — The last couple of months have been some of the longest of Julie Moser’s life as she works around the clock to organize the third annual Runway of Hope for some rockstar men and women fighting cancer.

“Our mission is to help cancer survivors and their families as they are going through this crazy journey of cancer treatments and/or hospice,” said Moser who is also fighting breast cancer for the third time.

This year is different. It’s harder and it’s more personal for Moser who lost her mother, Sun Scanlan, to metastatic breast cancer, defined as a disease beyond the breast and regional lymph nodes.

Scanlan, Moser explained, decided against treatment when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 before it metastasized a year later.

“I haven’t quite gotten there yet and I’ve caught myself trying to call her,” Moser said about grieving and wrapping her mind around the fact her mom, her best friend, is gone.

Scanlan, Moser said, was a tough as nails old school Korean woman who always had the greatest intentions. Equipped with a servants heart, she was selfless and wonderful.

“She was mean, too, don’t step out the boundary because she kept you in line,” Moser said with a laugh. “She also gave so much to others and to make sure that we always had everything and and let me tell you we didn’t have money growing and there were days my mom would go without eating.”

There is no doubt you can see the love that’s been lost in the wake of Scanlan’s death in February. Moser and her brother come from an interracial military family. Both her parents falling in love and getting married during a time it wasn’t accepted.

Scanlan was determined to overcome the discrimination and societal obstacles before her and she did it through a pure love and dedication to her young family and wouldn’t allow anything to throw her off course and lose focus.

“She persevered with teaching herself the English language, which isn’t easy. She taught herself how to drive and when she learned how to do all that, she taught her other friends she met through church how to take a drivers test,” Moser said, wiping tears from her eyes.

Moser said she does plan to dedicate the upcoming Runway of Hope show to her mom and she said there’s been conversation about that amongst board members. She will, she said, have a private moment with her knowing Scanlan would want for everyone in attendance, especially the models, to do what she’s done: to live.

Moser, the founder of Pink Warrior Angels of Texas, doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her just that this is all so very real, the feelings accompanied with loss are immense.

“Just so quick, like this, I get teary-eyed but it’s real and it’s raw and I can’t pretend that it didn’t happen to my family,” Moser explained, wiping away the tears.

Moser said the show itself has taken a lot of time and it’s been something to focus on. She does worry what will happen when it’s all over.

“I’ve learned to allow myself to cry but I also know when we’re done with the show and I don’t have 20 hours to plan, it’s going to be very quiet and I’m going to have a lot of time to think and somebody will have to probably come check on me,” she said.

Many who read these stories and see them on television may feel powerless and have no idea how to help those who are fighting the biggest battle ever. Moser said just being there is helpful, as long as it’s genuine.

“Any time we have somebody that just comes and donates their time of service with us, it’s so meaningful,” she said. “Your one hour, your $20, your five blankets that you’ve donated, will have a huge impact as it’s forwarded down the line to that cancer survivor.”

As for what’s next, Moser said Scanlan told her to take her to Hawaii because it’s one place she never went but wanted to.

“In the Hawaiian culture of giving back to the Earth, it’s part of their process and my mom said to take her to Hawaii and I told her I would,” she explained. “At Thanksgiving we are going to go to Hawaii this year and we will begin new family traditions with my brother and his family.”

If you would like to donate and attend this years Runway of Hope virtually, you can, and tickets can be purchased for $10 by clicking here.

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