The Wiggles star John Pearce: How uni keeps him fit and healthy

While his time entertaining children keeps him fit, a key cast member of The Wiggles has revealed his academic pursuits are the key to his healthy lifestyle.

When John Pearce is belting out songs about the benefits of eating fruit salad, or a track called We Have Strong Muscles (Exercise Song), the enthusiasm is real. This is one Wiggle who very much practices what he preaches.

When it comes to John Wiggle (aka 31-year-old John Pearce), the purple-shirted kids’ entertainer who is a part of popular Wiggles series Fruit Salad TV, a focus on health goes well beyond what viewers see on the small screen.

“I’m studying a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition, which is on top of touring with The Wiggles,” says Pearce.

“I need to maintain my fitness routine while I’m doing that, which can sound impossible when you’re doing three to four shows a day before commuting a few hours to the next town.”

Luckily Pearce has form in the singing and dancing department, thanks to his time spent as a member of Australia’s Got Talent favourites Justice Crew, maintaining his fitness with a half-hour bodyweight workout every morning, which also begins with a glass of water and a black coffee – not, as you might expect, a hot potato or a crunchy munchy honey cake.

“I believe that having a holistic approach to overall health is the key to a healthy body,” says Pearce.

“That involves a balance of quality nutrition and enjoying the foods you love in moderation combined with a consistent fitness routine.

“Being social is also important for my mental health, which influences daily decisions. I believe that your body is the product of your habits.”

Pearce likes to unwind and de-stress from his hectic Wiggles schedule by producing music, hitting the gym or watching some TV, and says that studying clinical nutrition has changed the way he keeps himself in (wiggly) shape.

“My approach to health and fitness has gradually changed as I learn new knowledge as a student and put it into practice by trying out different training and eating methods,” he says.

“Everybody is different though, and it’s important to make it work for you and your unique lifestyle.”

Wise words from the first – and most likely last – Wiggle to appear on Australian Ninja Warrior, and a man who knows a thing or two about keeping fit, even it’s via shaking the sillies out.

John stars in the new Wiggles DVD and CD Super Wiggles and is touring the country with the Fruit Salad TV Big Show Tour.

John Pearce on …


“Every day I take the time to be grateful for everything around me, such as friends, family and the opportunities that are given to me. Smiling is an easy one to do.”


“Sleep for me is the most important ingredient to a sustainable, healthy body. Without a good quality night’s sleep, it’s hard to thrive, recover and be productive.”


“I don’t waste my time on burpees or long runs. I find it more enjoyable to get my heart rate up and dance for an hour or do some resistance and callisthenic training.”

Link between exercise and mental health

“Whenever I train, I feel so good about it afterwards. Sore, but good. When I miss a training day or put it off for whatever reason, I often think that I am letting myself down. I think it is so important to take the time every day to exercise as it has such a positive effect on my mental health and mood, which influences my relationships and decision making.”

Best advice he’s ever been given

“The best advice I was given was from my dad, and it was to seize every moment of every day and live in the present moment and not take life too seriously.”


“Health is wealth. Your body is the most important asset you can have because you cannot do anything without it.”


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