This AI-based medical app cures diseases in 6-8 weeks

According to WHO, about 900 million people suffer from skin diseases. The American Academy of Dermatology states that one in four Americans struggles with skin problems, and the healthcare sector annually spends more than $70 billion on medications.

Patients are forced to visit the doctor regularly, take medications, and even change their lifestyles to cope with these diseases. How do you effectively undergo treatment and receive constant feedback from dermatologists?

The Universkin medical app allows remote treatment of skin diseases by connecting the doctor and the patient around the clock.

A tool for diagnosing and treating skin diseases

Universkin is a platform for providing professional medical services. The medical website connects a person with a dermatologist so that the doctor selects an individual treatment for each patient.

When patients see that their skin is inflamed and covered with rashes or age spots, they can contact a healthcare professional through the Universkin platform.

The platform’s work is built on the stages of “Diagnostics – Asking questions – Prescribing treatment – Tracking progress”. When the user goes through these steps, they find out the cause of their poor skin condition and receive a detailed treatment plan.

The system offers to find a doctor at the place of residence. The user needs to specify the desired city, and the application will display clinics available in the region.

After selecting a medical center, the client fills out a questionnaire indicating the following details:

  • their lifestyle;
  • the way they take care of their skin;
  • nutrition;
  • whether they have been diagnosed with a skin disease or have suspicions about skin problems, and so on.

For diagnosis, the user needs to upload their photo so that an AI ​​algorithm scans it and produces a list of recommended substances. A profile and a personal treatment plan are created based on the collected data.

The doctor analyzes the information provided by AI and selects a combination of cosmetics that will help solve the problem within 5-6 weeks.


Regular contact with the doctor and remote care

To be remotely monitored by the doctor, the patient needs to create a profile and fill in the necessary information. It is important to indicate any details: photos, personal and medical data, or documents.

Diagnostic results, prescribed treatment, and comments appear automatically after consultation with the dermatologist. The AI algorithm analyzes this information, monitors progress, and recommends treatment adjustments to the specialist.

Users needn’t care for the security of personal information themselves: the platform complies with the requirements of HIPAA (USA) and PIPEDA (Canada).

The doctor reviews the medical history, compares the results, accepts the recommendations of AI, and updates the treatment plan. As a rule, therapy combines cosmetic preparations (creams, serums, or balms) and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

For example, if Aloe Vera (5.4%), vitamin C (7%), and salicylic acid (2%) are needed for skin treatment, experts will prepare medicine with the required proportions of these substances.

The patient orders their cosmetic product directly on the Universkin medical website and tracks the delivery through the platform. Thus, the dermatologist chooses more efficient recovery methods so that the customer gets the desired result faster.

Reminders ensure that the patient clearly follows the plan and does not miss treatment procedures. The notification system also works for doctors so that they do not forget about daily duties and remote “meetings” with clients.


Thus, dermatological patients can remotely cope with hyperpigmentation, reduce wrinkles and skin laxity, relieve inflammation, and remove and cure acne.

The medical app becomes a digital skincare “coach”, a platform for consultations and skin recovery after diseases. 

Universkin is proof that telemedicine works even for people with problematic skin where personal contact is important.

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