Tips to start and sustain healthy new habits long-term

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We are all creatures of habit. Every day, we normally wake up at the same time, brush our teeth, have coffee, and then commute to work. So why is it so challenging to establish new, healthy habits? For instance, without taking the required steps to position ourselves for success, we make grandiose intentions to start exercising or to lose weight. So, here are some tips for establishing new, wholesome behaviours that may be maintained over the long term.

Add to existing routines

Many of us find that our morning routines are our strongest routines, so starting a new habit there is a terrific idea. Tying a new habit to an existing one is the best method to establish it. For instance, one can begin a brand-new one-minute meditation practise while drinking their morning coffee. Squats or standing on one foot are other balance exercises you can do while brushing your teeth.

Large behavioural shifts require a lot of drive, yet that motivation is typically insufficient to last. Start little to keep the new habit as straightforward as possible at first. For instance, a new exercise regimen could begin with a daily quick walk. You might also create healthier eating habits by keeping an apple in your purse every day.

Make it uncomplicated

When we remove barriers in our path, we are more inclined to develop new behaviours. For example, you can pack your gym bag and place it by the door. In order to make it simpler to get out of bed in the morning, put on your running clothes and socks when you sleep. This will help you wake up and go for a run. Another strategy to develop a simple workout routine is to pick an activity that doesn’t need you to leave the house, like core exercises or jumping jacks.

Starting healthy eating

Reward yourself

Habit formation includes rewards, which are crucial. The immediate benefit of brushing our teeth is a mouth that is minty fresh. However, other benefits, such as weight loss or the physical changes brought on by exercise, take longer to manifest. To help you develop the habit, it is beneficial to provide some quick rewards.

For instance, viewing a favourite culinary show on the treadmill or listening to a podcast while running can assist you in maintaining an exercise routine. Alternatively, schedule a workout date with a friend as the perk.

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