Weight Loss| Now Eat Rice Without the Risk of Weight Gain With These Easy-to-Follow Tips

If you have grown up in India, then chances are your go-to comfort food must be piping hot Dal Chawal. Not just dal Chawal, khichdi, sambhar rice, rajma chawal, chole chawal- rice is a versatile grain which goes with almost everything. It is one of the most cultivated crops in India and that is why it is a staple food. But due to fancy diet plans, the rice has lost its charm. Many people are of the opinion that rice leads to weight gain. But according to a few experts rice is not the culprit, it is the way you eat it.Also Read – Sattu, Amla And 5 More Underrated Foods That Do Wonders To Your Health

Rice is rich in Vitamin B and low in fat. It is a staple food for a lot of households as it is versatile in nature, affordable and can be cooked easily. A lot of people detest white rice as it is full of calories and starch. Also Read – World Brain Tumour Day 2022: When Is Headache a Symptom of Brain Tumour?

Dietician Surbhi Aggarwal in interaction with Health Shots shared various methods to eat rice without gaining weight. She said, “Rice is one of the most energy-dense foods and is an economical option among grains. It is easy to cook and has a great taste when combined with any curry or vegetables. In the diet industry, rice has a bad reputation due to its fast release of carbohydrates. Hence, it increases blood sugar fast and makes a person hungry faster. But the truth is that rice is a great option when it comes to a gluten-free, cholesterol-free, fat-free diet.” Also Read – Should You Chew on Tulsi Leaves? Here’s Why It’s Absolutely Harmful to do so

Follow These 5 Steps to Eat Rice Without Gaining Weight:

  • More curry, less rice: If you don’t wish to feel bloated, then you must follow the 1/3 rule, according to Aggarwal. Add a portion of curries and one portion of salad or veggies. This will help you stay fuller for a long time and give you lots of fiber.
  • Khichdi: Khichdi is the best way to get your daily amount of protein, it has 9 amino acids. It is an Indian superfood.
  • Opt for Basmati: If you have diabetes and love rice, choose basmati. Just eat one cup of rice and avoid eating it in excess as it leads to a rise in blood sugar levels. You can have it with veggies, and salad.
  • Eat rice in a bowl: Make sure whenever you feel like indulging in rice, serve it in a small bowl and not a plate. Do not take the second serving, if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Portion control: Aggarwal told Healthshots, that you can eat rice in almost every meal, and make sure you stick to portion control.

Make sure you follow these steps.