What is the Alternating Superman Exercise? Tips, Technique & Correct Form

Just because you don’t don a cape and save the world every day doesn’t mean you don’t have a little Clark Kent inside. When you perform the alternating Superman exercise, you’ll be well on your way to developing the strong muscles required for the role.

Do you know what an alternating Superman exercise is?

It’s a complete workout that complements other core exercises like leg raises and sit-ups, which engage the abdominal muscles. glutes, hamstrings, abdomen and lower back muscles to give anyone a real Superman physique.

For people of all fitness levels, alternating Superman exercise is an excellent and efficient workout for glutes, hamstrings and abs in your lower back.

Furthermore, it works in conjunction with other core workouts that primarily target the abdominal muscles at the front of the body, such as leg lifts and sit-ups.

Correct way to do alternating superman exercise

As Superman is regarded as the ‘Man of Steel’, it’s only natural that a workout named after him would give you steely core muscles. All you might need to get started is a mat to make things more comfortable, and then follow these steps:

  • Lie face down on the floor with your legs straight and arms extended in front of you in a prone position.
  • Slowly lift your arms and legs six inches off the floor, or till your lower back muscles are tense, while keeping your head in a neutral position (avoid looking up). At the same time, engage your glutes, core and shoulder blade muscles.
  • To contract your abs, lift your belly button off the ground. Imagine yourself as Superman, flying across the skies.
  • For two to three seconds, hold this position. Always remember to breathe.
  • Return to the floor by lowering your arms, legs and stomach two to three times.
  • It’s critical to only lift as much as your body can tolerate. You’ll still get a tremendous exercise even if you can just lift a few inches off the ground. If this technique is too tough for you, try lifting only your arms off the ground.


How is the alternating superman pose beneficial?

The Superman exercise helps strengthen the backbone. It also strengthens and stretches your chest, back, tummy and buttocks as well as your shoulder and leg muscles. Here’s a list of benefits offered by the alternating Superman exercise:

1) Strengthened spine

The spinal cord, often known as the backbone, aids in standing upright. The alternating superman exercise helps your spine become more flexible by removing stiffness. Regularly performing the alternating Superman exercise will significantly improve your ability to perform everyday tasks. Throughout the day, you will be active.

2) Improved posture

As you get older, your backbone begins to curve in a C shape as your shoulders droop and your knees bow. The Superman workout improves your overall health by helping you maintain good posture and walk straight.

3) Improved muscle coordination

Alternating Superman exercise can aid in the development of improved coordination between stiff and active muscles. Regular exercise allows more muscles to perform in better coordination, resulting in fewer injuries.

4) No equipment required

The alternate Superman exercise is an excellent approach to increase core strength without using any equipment. It strengthens your obliques and lower back while also improving erector spinae flexibility (the muscles that surround your spine from your head to your hips).

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Alternating Superman Pose

This manoeuvre is simple enough, yet it’s easy to forget the fundamentals. Avoid these frequent blunders to get the most out of every glute-squeezing second:

1) Bending your arms or legs

You don’t want to bend your arms or legs either; however locked knees and elbows are not the goals. Straight but not rigid, tight limbs are ideal. Concentrate on squeezing the targeted muscles (back, glutes and abs) to release any joint tightness.

2) Breathe properly

While being facedown may slow your breathing for a moment, it’s critical to keep your airflow moving. Consistent breathing will provide oxygen to your muscles, stabilise your core and improve your performance.

3) Proper alignment of your body

Instead of strengthening your core, being off-centre might create back pain. Balance is key in the alternating Superman pose: your core, glutes and back should all be working in tandem to keep you upright. Maintaining neck neutrality reduces the likelihood of pain and strain.

4) Pointing toes

Plantar flexion (pointing at your toes) overworks your legs rather than your back, despite its appeal. Instead, keep your toes in a neutral or slightly pointed position.

5) Looking up

If tour neck and upper back are overworked, maintain a neutral neck with a little tucked chin instead.

Key Takeaway

This exercise works with your abdominals, glutes, hamstrings and upper back (erector spinae muscles).

That helps offer spinal support, minimises the chance of back injury and allows you to perform everyday tasks, like bending and lifting.

While the alternating Superman exercise is generally safe, if you have a history of back problems, or you are injured or pregnant, you should get medical advice before attempting this exercise.

Q. Have you tried alternating superman exercise?