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MEN have been encouraged to take health issues seriously and go for regular check-ups as most of them are succumbing to different diseases such as cancer, diabetes, mental health and many more.

The Cancer Care Network Trust of Zimbabwe in conjunction with Talk Cancer Zim recently organised the November Men’s Conference running under the theme “Men’s Health Talk” which was held at Utano Cafe and Restaurant in Harare.

Founder of Cancer Care Network Trust, Dr Nomsa Tsikai, said men do not open up on issues of their health hence they have taken an initiative to invite them to a men’s forum where they are free to open up on health issues.

“It is very critical to advocate for behavioural change in men as most men are not free to discuss health matters which include mental health, cancer, diabetes and hypertension openly.

“Some of these diseases are associated or linked to an individual’s lifestyle such as alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, obesity, poor diet and not exercising regularly which are all factors within their control.

“We advocate for men to make informed decisions regarding their lifestyle choices and also treatment of these diseases such as who to consult, where to go and how best to manage these diseases,” she said.

Michelle Madzudzo, the founder of Talk Cancer Zim also stressed the importance of the Men’s conference and said, “Basically as men you have to debunk the myths and misconceptions about these diseases and remove needless fears and worries which hinder good health seeking behaviours and traits.”